Friday, March 13, 2015

Dangerous Places for Americans

I had something else on my mind to write about last night but this morning, I opened my in-box and saw an article in my online Conde Nast Traveler e-subscription that got my blood boiling. The article was called, 10 "Dangerous" Places That are Actually Safe to Visit. It listed various locations that have had reputations for being on the seedier side with large crime rates, like Detroit or Santa Domingo. But what upset me was that they included Iran in the article.

To list Iran as a safe place to travel for an American is not only ridiculous but irresponsible. It is like saying North Korea or Syria are safe places as well. These are countries with no diplomatic ties with America and a history of randomly arresting and imprisoning American citizens on flimsy or made up charges. If an American goes to these places you run the real risk of sitting in a foreign jail cell for months or years. In the past, Americans most often have gotten arrested for suspicion of espionage. This means those countries can say "oh you were looking at XYZ monument wrong" and arrest you.

What really bothers me is that Americans who ignore the State Department's Travel Warnings about going to these places, get themselves in trouble and then expect America to come and rescue them. Idiots.

There is no Marine Force one that will swoop in and take you away! When it states that America has no diplomatic relations with a country, there is a reason why. Former President's Clinton or Carter or Bush are not going to go in and hold talks to get your out.

Like those people who go sailing when they know bad weather is approaching and then SOS for the Coast Guard to come get them, citizens who go these countries, when you willfully ignored the warning why should we save your hide now? You were all bravado in going in but when the going gets tough, its "HELP."  I say if you go there and get in trouble, tough crap, sit it out. Maybe then you'll learn your lesson and teach others not to be so arrogant (oh it won't happen to me).

As if dumb people need an excuse but this Conde Nast article just encourages more blockheads to do stupid things.


Blogger Enie Dub said...

Very valid points!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Secret Agent Woman said...

Absolutely. I don't understand going to places known to be unsafe if you don't absolutely have to. And yes, insanely irresponsible of the magazine.

10:51 AM  

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