Monday, December 14, 2015

Saudi Wahhabism

I was forwarded this NYT op-ed and found it fascinating. 

 One of the commentator's  to this article had this to say (below in pink)  and I thought she was on point, a point I had never thought of, but now makes much sense, the Saudi family has done A LOT to spread Wahhabism, they finance the building of and up keep of many mosques around the world, their money definitely spreads their version of Islam and perhaps that is now the seeds we are seeing. Because truly if one reads the history of Islam, particularly after the Prophet (pbuh) and the early decades, Islam seems much more peaceful, able to live with others. Now all of sudden its renewed its relationship with violence, why? What was the trigger? 

What is crucial to understanding this phase of Islam, where searingly harsh, inflexible doctrine prevails, is the spread and infiltration of Wahhabism into the major centers of theology. Since its rise, Wahhabism has shown itself to be brutal and unyielding in its expectations of violence. The economic prosperity of the Saud family has resulted in the financing and indoctrination of young clerics from around the world, who then preach this in their home countries. 

We Muslims are at fault for not loudly decrying the debasement of the religion by the Saudis. Islamic spirituality is very individualized. We should be practicing moderation and compassion, charity and benevolence, not following the cultural dictates of spoiled Arab dauphins. 


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