Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Jakarta - or as they say in Indonesia, Salamat Tahun Baru! One of the few expressions I can say with ease.

I stayed up late to watch the fireworks and it was quite worth it. Amazing, for 20 minutes the city was a symphony, ablaze with fireworks and with our apartment building being in the center of town we had an amazing view, the best view I have ever had of a fireworks show, front seat balcony so that one can see from far and wide and all in my pajamas with a ready bathroom and not freezing (i.e. Times Square).

As fireworks are not regulated in Indonesia, every tom, dick and harry was lighting them off; which can be dangerous (I did see one house fire in the poor shantytown in front of the river) but did make for a beautiful fabric of colors and sounds that was a joyous way to enter the new year.

What was even more interesting was that I was celebrating New Year's 12 hours ahead of my family, so it was fun to wish people a happy new year and know that I was already in 2016 while they were waiting for the clock to turn.


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