Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cheap Skiing Holidays

It is upon us - the start of the Olympic season is now in full swing! Beginning today and for the next week, in Spokane Washington, the fate of the United States Olympic Figure Skating team will be decided, it is the United States Figure Skating National Championships!

Whoever wins, I'm not holding out a lot of hope for America's chances at the Vancouver Olympics when it comes to the sport of Figure Skating. This will be the first time in at least 20 years that America has sent such a weak team. The only real medal chances the USA has comes in the Men's and Dance discipline; in Men's it will be primarily about Evan Lysacek and in Dance about Belbin and Agosto (though White and Davis are good and did win the Grand Prix last month, the international judges would not put them above Belbin and Agosto).

What is really pathetic about this whole situation is the ladies field. This 2010 Olympics will not see an American woman on the podium for any color medal - that hasn't happened since 1964! And in that case the US Figure Skating world had just taken a terrible loss three years earlier when the entire National team, the 1961 Figure Skating team (who were all the 1964 Olympic hopefuls) was killed in an airplane crash that year.

Aside from Figure Skating, other sports I like to watch during the Winter Olympics include hockey, ski jumping, speed skating and downhill skiing. In the spirit of the upcoming Winter Olympics I've been looking into ski holidays, actually I don't really know how to ski but I love the pictures. This site for ski holidays has some beautiful photos of lodges. I wouldn't mind chilling at a ski resort, they seem like neat places, having only gone to two in my life, though there are cheap ski deals out there.

I wish I skied better than I do, it looks like so much fun, swooshing down the slopes at a high speed! It must be quite a rush; plus the views from way up at the top of the mountains...just gorgeous!

Let the countdown begin, the Winter Olympics start in less than a month!


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I love to ski, but I am a leisurely skier - I want to take my time and enjoy the scenery on the way down. Plus, I don't like pain.

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