Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Moon Actress

Rather than speaking about something that gets me upset (the Amanda Knox - Meredith Kercher murder in Italy story), I wanted to bring to attention this actress, Anna Kendrick.

I am impressed with her. She was one of the few good spots in the first Twilight movie. She can act!! (Sadly the same cannot be said for some of the main stars of that film series). I just noticed Ms. Kendrick in the previews for the new George Clooney movie. So while her Twilight co-stars do dopey stunts that land them in silly entertainment magazines and while they are filled with inflated senses of self and their worth (based on what I would like to ask them??) Anna Kendrick is building up an impressive film resume and making important Hollywood connections. All I can say to that go girl!!!


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The smart ones don't sit on their laurels, but forge head with them. We can all sit and enjoy our succeses or cry over our failures, but the brave and the smart ones get up and move forward. Life is at a best a challenge, and living it well is the best we can do. Life is short.
Keep Smiling.


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Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Austen - thanks, your comment made me smile : )

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