Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Back when I was a much more avid blogger, I stumbled upon a wonderful blog dedicated to the London Underground. I LOVED that blog http://www.london-underground.blogspot.com/ - it was all about the London Underground and the fun and unique stories surrounding this mode of transportation. Every time I would read a post, I would feel like I was there, in London (my favorite city btw). I’d like to think I sort of became a regular (reader and commentator).

In one of the posts, one of the other regulars to the site, asked the site owner to solicit suggestions for his new baby’s name. The site owner and the regular were friends (outside of the blog I believe) and we had been privy to the impending baby’s arrival, so it felt a bit like the baby was one of us.
The comments section was full of names, from your typical to outrageous, if memory serves me correctly, the regular (Ian), wanted something out of the ordinary but not weird.
Unbelievable to me, but Ian liked my name and it was picked! See here - http://london-underground.blogspot.com/2006/03/name-baby-name-bear-results.html

The winning name he liked…Kessler!

That was in 2006, I like to think that somewhere out there in the world (probably England) there is an 8 year old girl named Kessler, that I had a hand in naming. I hope she likes her name and thinks it’s original, unique, pretty but not outlandish, all the reasons I suggested it the first place. Nothing religious behind the name, I just thought it was nice.

*and I really hope that they kept the name and didn’t decide a year after the baby’s birth, “nah, dump it.”  


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