Thursday, January 21, 2016

Soooo....last Thursday, it was a regular day, I had run to get pictures taken for my India visa when this happens

Jakarta Terrorist Attacks January 2016

Yeah, that was not a fun day from 10:45am on, this attack happened less than 2 miles from the Embassy. Thankfully the kids school is not in the vicinity and they were none the wiser about what was going on. A bit scary initially but as the day unfolded and we heard that the attackers had been caught and than as we watched the video and footage (thank you social media), it seems the terrorists were part of the "c" team, not good at all, not organized, nothing. Thankfully, Indonesian police arrested the "a" team back in December when threats of attacks at Christmas and New Year's surfaced.

Just another day in the foreign service :)


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