Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

January 24 - (my Chinese horoscope)
You'll devote much of your time and energy to the task of bringing to a successful conclusion the projects that you have your heart set on, but some unexpected obstacles will slow down their progress and put your patience to the rough test. Also, you'll often be set against yourself, for you will have too much ambition and will forgive yourself no weakness or shortcoming. Try to be less tense and you'll be promptly rewarded, as this year the stars will greatly favor patience and tenacity. Casual encounters may very well end up as profound friendships. These relationships will prove most interesting to you since, apart from their sentimental aspect, a common intellectual research will give your exchanges a non-conventional character that will delight you. Remember that 'friendship doubles joys and reduces sorrows by half' (Francis Bacon).

I'm rather depressed today, have been depressed all week about this event. 30 oh lord! When I was a child I use to think by my 30th birthday I'd be married with two or three kids, have a big house and a wonderfully fabulous husband. Let's see, instead I'm a poor, single, childless, student. Yeah...not exactly the ticket. My entire future is so uncertain, will this MBA pay-off? Will I get a nice paying job? Will I ever find someone to marry me (looking bad in this category, as 30 in Indian culture means I'm basically crap, no worse than crap, crap under crap). Will I ever have children - what if by some miracle I get married but can't have children or run into problems? All these things swirl in my head, making for a pretty shi&#y birthday. Yeah, so happy birthday to me (excuse me while I shuffle to the corner and cry some more).


Blogger Random Kath said...

Virginia Gal:

First off, Happy Birthday! [insert terribly off key singing here]

Secondly, did you read your horoscope? Especially the "try to be less tense" part? My goodness, you put so much pressure on yourself and cut yourself down so - if there is one thing you do this year, please think more positively. 30 is NOT old! (otherwise, that means I am just ancient, too old to have kids any time soon, and that is so not the case . . .)

You have so many things working in your favor right now, so many little angels looking out for you and cheering you on . . . this is going to be a great year for you, you just must be more patient and keep working hard.

I send a huge birthday hug to you! {{{Virginia Gal}}}

1:00 PM  
Blogger PaxRomano said...



You are in the prime of life, kid!

You've got everything going for you, and you are still VERY YOUNG.

That said, do something nice for yourself and lighten up!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!


7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I was 30 once. And I was 40 once. And I must admit I'm still feeling pretty great facing 50 in a couple more years. Those numbers don't count...the 30s, ah the 30s...they are a great decade. Get started with the best 10 years of your life today.

Cheers, and happy birthday.


9:20 AM  
Anonymous liz said...

I'm 44, single and no kids. That's so depressing right? Wrong. As I got older everyone around me was getting divorced. Addiction and bankrupcy were abound. I saw my friends either dump him or buckle down for a trip through hell they drug the kids along on. As for the big house, cars, etc. yea, I know those woman too and all I have to say is nothing comes free. No one gives us a life. Thirty is young but young doesn't imply there is someone waiting to come along and make you complete. Girlfriend, it may never happen that way and you shouldn't want it too. Stop comparing your insides to other people outsides. You have no idea what goes on in their model lives. Stop the pity party and make a gratitude list, put your health at the top. Do 30 nice things for others in celebration of who you are. You are great just the way you are TODAY. Happy Birhtday.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Jake said...

Virginia Gal.
Don't get too down in the dumps. We all hit 30 sooner than later. And listen marriage ain't all it's cracked up to be. You can still have kids without having a hubby dragging along. I just bet you are a VERY bright woman with a great deal to offer. I've got pals who would do anything for a "husband" and I found mine sweeping out the back of a bar. So ya never know.

1:11 PM  
Blogger o0ohso0ocrazy said...

happy birthday!! my phone reminded me during class yesterday and i was repremanded by my teacher, but it was worth it!

30 is not old. its the new 20s so technically happy 20th! don't worry you will get married. i promise, youll find someone soon!! and youll have gorgeous children! lets keep our heads up okay? because the best is still yet to come!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Cheekies said...

A happy birthday to you Virginia! Ahhh, little gypsy girl, when you were a small child and had your expectations of what 30 was going to bring to your life, I wonder if it really is what you wanted or wished for yourself or it is what you were told by society was expected of you. Remeber 30 is the new 20 and all that happy hippy crap (this from a nearly 40 hippy myself!)Sure you could have been married, had two children and divorced by now or worse in a loveless marriage because that was what you thought was expected of you. Congrats to you on bettering yurself with an MBA. With it may your future and the future of your family to come be bright and happy. Now go celebrate life and do what I do whenever I feel down about myself, listen to Everybody's Free (the sunscreen song) by Baz Lurhman (sp?) it always makes me feel better.

1:30 PM  
Blogger mommanator said...

O My Virginia Gal, I read your blogs all the time and this is quite disparaging!!!!!! EEEk get outa this mood or the mommanator will have to pack PAX, Merci & Zelda in her mommanatormobile and come down to Va and let you see what OLDER, unmarried, childless individuals can and will accomplish!
I of course being the mommanator am married with children, but I send my hubby to Md every week to get him outa the house- bugging me! The children OOVEY they can make one CRAZY I have a 36 year old living at home(who takes up too much of my time) and a 34 year old who drives me crazy by phone.
Finish that MBA! it will help you make the old money in awhile, I have a friend with her MBA who got it after stop being an RN who runs too many businesses now. SO in a nutshell persist!Resist the temptation to depression.
By the blogs you write you are BEAUTIFUL you have to be, by what I read! & Stop saying MIRROR MIRROR on the wall, after all it IS a reflection of YOU (and couldnt not say) when you look in that mirror REMEMBER when asking,, GOD DONT MAKE JUNK!)
Whew with that off my chest
Have a wonderful birthday.

1:33 PM  
Blogger MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling Miss Virginia, Happy Birthday!!!

The 30's are wonderful, that's the decade that everything falls into place, you'll have a wonderfull ride ahead.

Just be thankfull you're not Pax's age, she's about as old as the pyramids and about the same shape. Gravity had raped the dear boy and on more than one occcasion.

You'll be just fine sugar, Kisses and Hugs!

3:28 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Random Kath - Thank you, little angels, I like the image that evokes. Hugs back to you!

ps, yes, must work on that patience thing : )

Pax - ahh grandpappy, you are right...I feel so much better today - just realizing it will be ok. Thank you dear.

Frank - here here, what is age really, but a number. Thank you for the kind words!

Liz - hee hee, I joke that I'm waiting for my college newsletter to come when we are in our 40's, with the divorces and messed up kids, I'm evil, hee hee. Thank you and I love your 30 good things idea. I'm thinking on it as we speak!

Jake - Thank you for that reality check - I must remember marriage is more than just what we see in the movies - thanks for the well-wishes.

Naema - thank you, please say a dua that what is good and right for me will come true this year. ps - I am on the lookout for you at VCU, even if I don't get my fairy tale romance, I want someone I care about to have it!

Cheekies - You hit the nail on the head, are my ideas of 30 my ideas or society's, particularly Indian society. Thanks for the congrad's on pursuing the MBA - its a struggle, but I hope it will be worth it.

Mommonator - you rock! Everytime I feel down, I should call you. Reading your comment, I suddenly feel I can jump mountains or clear tall buildings. Thank you for the words of encouragement and birthday wishes.

Miss. Magnolia - oh my goodness, a visit from you. Wow. I'm honored. You're a bona fide blog celebrity. Thank you so much for making me laugh and the birthday wishes.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous et said...

A very happy birthday to you!

6:45 PM  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

Virginia Gal,
I'm old and washed up twice married with four kids and a huge mortgage. 30 and single has advantages to exploit. happpy birthday just the same.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

et - thank you!

Joe - thanks for putting 30 into perspective : )

11:05 AM  
Blogger Zelda Parker said...

You are young and beautiful, fill your thoughts with education and spiritual fullfillment. You'll be glad that you did later. I did not even realize my own power until I was in my 40's. Trust yourself, everything will work out in its own time.

8:42 PM  

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