Friday, February 09, 2007

MBA Elitism

I'm applying for internships for the summer and I'm so fed-up of seeing this on the applications regarding the applicant, "should come from a top-tier MBA school." oh! Because I don't go to Wharton or Harvard, somehow I'm not as good? Is that the implication? Are they saying that the only people "smart" enough to lead business come from these elitist schools, that people who go to these schools are endowned with some magical business power that us leser-beings can't possibly possess?!

I'm so tired of this class society drivel, what are we - England?! If we are in any doubt about the dubious business accumen or creditials from these insititutes of higher learning, let us not forget both G.W. Bush and Jeffrey Skilling (of Enron fame) went to Harvard Business School. Yeah....they produce the best.

Ironically, one of the places I've applied for, a travel company, that purports on their website about how different they are, "out of the box thinkers, breaking traditions"...blah blah - has plain as day on their application that the intern-seeker should come from a, "top-tier MBA school." Yes (nodding head sarcastically), that's really, "being unusual."

oh who am I kidding, why don't we just keep the status quo - those families who have the money and now claim more than 50% of the slots at these "top" schools (admission slots in most of these schools go to kids with money, I saw a PrimeTime live special on it, something like less than 30% of the kids coming into these schools were admitted based on merit alone) should remain there. And those of us not fortunate enough to have those advantages of life, well either pray you are extremely smart or just be grateful for your meager position, upward mobility is not in your future.

I'm sorry I'm sounding like such a grouch, I'm just having a really bad day - I have no summer internship prospectives, struggling miserably in my financial management class with potential flunkage, no love life to speak off, no money in my bank account and to top it off.....I just got reprimended by some Muslim guy because I was reading my afternoon prayer too early (by minutes, mind you). Oh God save me! Its now either tears or anger...Aye!


Blogger Molly Malone said...

oh, VA Gal. i'm so sorry you're having a shitty day. i'm hugging you from across the miles.

for the record, i'm saying "amen" to your rant. you're dead on.

take a deep breath. take several. you will not flunk your fin. mgmt class - you are too smart and too driven. i know you. you're welcomed to drive up here for a free meal. i'd offer you money, but our oppressive mortgage has claimed that. as for the Muslim guy: how tragic and comic that he thinks God is as anal retentive as he is. he's also clearly insecure if he feels it is his place to criticize other peoples' displays of devotion to God. what a jerk.

8:38 PM  
Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I hope you are applying to those places anyway. What they put up and what they hire are usually two different things.
Sorry about the rest - but as long as you graduate - no, none of the places I've been at have the 'top tier' specifications, so don't worry.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Random Kath said...

Yes, Virginia Gal, I hope you are applying to those places anyway - you also might see if the career center has a list of places where program graduates have been placed and work the whole alumni network to get an internship - I mean, that's what those places are for, supposedly! Also, I'd check with students/graduates at similarly-tiered schools and see where they are interning. All of these MBAs have to end up somewhere, and if they had to struggle like you they should be willing to help someone in a similar situation. Good luck! Think positively positive! :-)

11:34 AM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Molly - I love what you said, who was that guy to critize my display of devotion to God - it wasn't like I was hurting someone - he just wanted to feel superior. Stupid Muslim man!

Joe - I'm still applying even if I don't meet that stupid top-tier criteria, but now I yell at their adverts on tv.

Random Kath - Thanks for the positivity - I'm scheduled to go the career center tomorrow, wish me luck they help provide me with some direction. : )

12:32 PM  

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