Friday, February 02, 2007

Good-Bye to a Great Lady

Sadly, when in school, you sometimes live in a bit of a bubble. I missed the news about Molly Ivins passing away on Wednesday.

She was one of my favorite columnists. Her ability to hit bulls-eye on issues was just as amazing as her writing talent, which could have you laughing out loud. I loved to hear her speak - she had that gentle Southern tone that cloaked the harshness when she was reprimending, which unfortunately she had to do a lot in the last few years. When the rest of the media was jumping over themselves to be the Bush administration's lapdog, she was screaming about the injustices and wrong-doings going on in the name of freedom.

Like many of the women of Mary Baldwin College that I went to school with and to whom I have great respect, they taught me that you could face off against the CEO of a company while still wearing white gloves, she was a staunch liberal gal, with genteel Southern manners. There was no beating around the bush with Ms. Ivins, but no meaness either. She was one of the greats and she will be missed.


Blogger PaxRomano said...

While I never got see her in person, I've read her work and saw her on CSpan a great deal.

I found out she was ill a few years ago when she was a panel on CSpan with Bill O'Riley and Al Franken and after the fireworks ended, the emcee did not know they were still on the air, and he asked how her health was and she began to answer.

Later on I found out she had breast cancer.

Molly reminded me a great deal of my friend Mary who passed away this year (also from breast cancer), so I hope that the two of them are having a drink with Ann Richards somewhere over the rainbow.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Molly Malone said...

I know. I cried when I learned of this Thursday morning. You're so right.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Miz BoheMia who refuses to go away to sign in and then come back and rewrite the damn comment!!!!! said...

I, unfortunately, don't think I have ever read or heard her speak but it is what comes with a life on the move! But and independent and strong voice will indeed be missed and having said that, may she rest in peace!

As per your post below, I tried SO many times to leave a comment but the page would not load up!!! AAAHHH!!!!

But I made it in, I hope, and with that, wanted to say that not until I moved back to Europe did I notice the isolation that is prevalent. I am not a Muslim and am lucky enough to simply and automatically fit in in many cultures so I have never experienced any backlash but have known that I had to work it and appear more similar than not in order to fit in. Once individuals knew me, then I could unleash who I really was. That is definitely the case here in Spain. The people are not prejudiced per se but so set in their ways and their cultures that they cannot see past their noses into anything else and unless you make the effort to reach out and connect, they most certainly will not.

In the US, well, in the cosmopolitan cities at least, being different is not such a big deal (case in point, SF!!! WOOH!) and you can just be yourself and go with the flow... liberating FO SHO!

And so yeah, I am working on being back! I have a new post up though I am working on making one twice a week for now, once a week will have to do as things here are quite crazy, to say the least! Hope school is going well with you!

11:35 AM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Pax - I think that image of Ms. Ivins drinking with Ann and your friend is exactly what she would have wanted - delightful.

Molly - As a fellow Texan I'm sure it hit you harder than most - she's one of those great women that Texas breeds, one of the few things about Texas that needs more importing!

Miz Bohemia - oh so lovely to hear from you! I know you're super busy - so its extra nice of you to stop by!! I think you are right about the isolation in Europe of the Muslim community - I'm not sure why it is so bad over there - partial I wonder if America doesn't have these problems because from the start the concept of America has been a hetergenous society. Also I wonder if its the Muslims who have arrived here vs. the Muslims who migrated to Europe. I notice MANY of them are on welfare, goodness knows that can't foster much goodwill amoung long-time residents.
You're dead on about being different in cosmopolitan US cities - which is another reason we need you back. Today I got great news about my sister, so I'm sending those positive vibes your way - SFO here you come!

1:12 AM  

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