Monday, March 09, 2009

March Potporri

I am off to Indianapolis, Indiana tomorrow, for work. Contain my joy. Why oh why couldn't the assignment be, oh say, Miami or San Diego? Why is it always somewhere cold in the dead of winter - oh well, beggars cannot be choosers, no?

My honey, Nathan Fillon's new show, Castle premieres tomorrow night on ABC. I will watch it for sure, though already I am not a huge fan of the female lead (though I suspect any female opposite Fillion, who is not me, will not met with my favor).

With this new job I am traveling a lot on planes, again - which I love. But for God's sake people, stop being idiots on the plane. Do not close the overhead bin if it is not full. And if you get on the plane and find the plane pretty full and your seat is in the back, start opening and checking closed overhead bins, don't wait to get all the way to the back of the airplane and your seat, because 90% of the time there will be no overhead bins left for you to use.

I am ecstatic that America is paving a much nicer road of diplomacy nowadays; I think it is good that we are engaging in talks with Syria and Iran. Clearly not speaking to them for eight years hasn't worked, I say let us give this a try.

World Figure Skating Championships are in two weeks - eeck, I can't wait!!! Fingers crossed my favorite ice dance couple, Virtue and Moir from Canada, place in the top three, though I still would like the Americans of Belbin and Agosto to take the number one slot. Also, I hope Alissa Cziny from Ohio gets into the top five.


Blogger mommanator said...

travelers always kill me! the rudeness is uppermost!
I envy your travel, but would be nice to go to a warmer climate for sure, you'll get there in mid summer!

8:49 AM  
Blogger Brenda said...

I hope you don't get too cold in Indiana! And I hope you find time to have a little fun on the trip.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Pax Romano said...

If you get a chance, get down to Bloomington; it's a pretty funky, friendly college town (John Melloncamp owns a few places there). I sort of know Indiana as my ex's family was from there and went there several times.

The plan bit is right on the money. In my case, I was seated in the very front of the plane, but I had stash my stuff in an overhead way in the back. Let's face it, sweetie, our type was meant to fly first class ...

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really need to get some warmer places on your itinerary.

(but safe travels!)

9:12 PM  
Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Warmer, yes, probably get sent to Vegas in July.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Merci said...

I remember Indy as a neat, clean little city. It'll be interesting to hear from you if it's stayed that way.

8:20 PM  
Blogger my mind wanders said...

I know you LOVE your skating!! :-)

7:32 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Mommantor - I am dying to go to somewhere warm!

Brenda - it did get cold today, urgh. Nothing fun so far.

Pax - amen, first class all the way! My cousin and family live in Bloomington - it is a funky hippie town in a very red state, for sure!

Citizen - I did try to trade with someone for California but no one wanted to trade for Indy, lol.

Joe - hee hee, I'll be ok with that : )

Merci - it is clean and little, but a bit sad as wel - economic downturn and all.

My Mind Wanders - I do love figure skating!!

11:00 PM  

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