Monday, April 27, 2015

Bundling Up

Here in Bosnia, one thing I learned quite quickly on is that you must bundle your children - no matter the weather, bundle or they will get sick. At first I laughed it off, but after 2 years I've become Bosnian, I do the same thing. I'm constantly asking my 4-year old, 'are you cold?'  Today for school I made her put on a hoodie and a jacket, despite the weather forecast calling for in the 70's.

This past weekend we had the Embassy egg hunt and as I had been out earlier in the day vegetable shopping, I felt it was a bit cold; so I put the baby in warm pants and two layers of shirts.  Needless to say the day warmed up and by the time of the egg hunt, it was near 70 degrees. The poor little guy was so excited and running everywhere. His face was beet red. I had to take off one of the layers and do a quick wardrobe change right next to the petting zoo. Thank goodness he is only 19 months and doesn't mind such exhibitions (in fact relishes them).

I can't explain why Bosnians are so concerned with bundling up, a fear of sickness, some past communist history, old wives tales? All I know is if you don't bundle your child, you will hear about it from every passerby and you will be deemed by locals as a "bad parent."


Blogger Secret Agent Woman said...

That's pretty funny. My kids resisted that even when it's genuinely cold.

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