Thursday, April 23, 2015

Romantic Fiction bric a brac

So the Guardian newspaper had this question on its book blog, is Romantic Fiction a Dangerous Passion?

Of course I say yes, an overwhelming yes! And yet I am as guilty as the next of reading romantic fiction, in fact I would say I am an addict. I do think for young sheltered girls like I was myself, it sets up unrealistic expectations and yet I think if you can remain sane they are a good healthy escapism. I like the author's proposition that when reading you know you are going to get a happy ending, that is what I love. So much in the real world is NOT a happy ending, its nice to have something to fall back onto no - a way to get away??

This is a picture of Burek, a meat pie and national dish of Bosnia. I have to say, I rather like it. My husband is not a fan, but the kids and I will eat it. Its flaky pie dough filled with spiced meat. They shape it into a circle. There is not much in the way of fast food in Sarajevo but you can always find burek in any grocery store here. Whenever I'm around town running errands I'll pick one up to eat. In Sarajevo they come a variety of sizes, big, small and hand-held. Like American hamburgers, they are not universally the same, some are more meat, some more greasy, but I like to eat them nonetheless. They are called burek or pita. Also, in that category is sirnica, filled with cheese, with spinach and cheese zeljanica, with potatoes krompiruĊĦa. But my favorite is the burek with the lamb/beef mix (NEVER pork, as Bosnia is a Muslim-majority country). The funny thing is burek is so similiar to what one finds all over the world, some form of bread stuffed with meat, in India samosas, in Poland perogies, in China dumplings. Just goes to show how humanity might be miles apart but we are essentially made of the same DNA. Why do I write about burek today, because I just had one for lunch - yummy!


Blogger Secret Agent Woman said...

I read maybe three or four romantic novels as a teen and none since. And I agree - they are escapist and also set up unrealistic expectations. I found for me, that they just made me feel worse about my life, so they don't appeal to me.

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