Tuesday, April 07, 2015


My latest dilemma is not particularly a dilemma but a quandary for this lazy person – I want to get back into writing freelance articles. I virtually stopped when the babies were born; it was too much to think about even writing, when I could barely cobble 4 fours of sleep together. Now the kids are a tiny bit bigger and I have gotten a better handle on how to do things at work, so I would like to write again. To me, living in Sarajevo, Bosnia, it’s a treasure trove for article writing but (and you knew there was a but), doing proper feature articles with interviews of people is not within the realm of possibility. I still have to take care of two toddlers and I work a full-time job.

It is my ambitious nature that is driving me to want to do this, the idea that I’m here, I can write, plentiful story ideas are all over, why shouldn’t I? No?

Perhaps it is also a bit of worrying that if I don’t write, years later I will regret that I didn’t take the opportunity.

Maybe I could pen a few short travel pieces, keep my hand in it but without too much commitment. What to do??


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