Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thank you Cards

Does anyone do thank you cards anymore? I mean the handwritten kind. I do, I find them nice but I'll be honest when I get them, unless they have something very personal written on it, I don't pay much attention.

My mother gets very upset when people don't write a proper handwritten thank you card. While I think it is polite to do so, I don't mind if someone doesn't, but it would be nice if someone would at least acknowledge when they get something from you. For me this is especially true as I live abroad and most often send gifts by ordering via the internet, flowers, cookies, baby gifts, gift cards and if the receipt doesn't send me some form of a nod or wave, I have no way of knowing if they truly got it or if it was delivered to the wrong address or something. This happened to me one time, I ordered for a sister-in-law, a baby gift and after about two weeks from the time it said it was delivered, I contacted her and found she had moved and I had the wrong address. I guess who received it on the other end never sent it back but the story has a happy ending. So I reached out to the company, drugstore.com and they resent the entire order, free of charge! Shout out to www.drugstore.com

The point is that I think a thank you in some form is nice, it doesn't have to be a card but at least registering that someone has done something kind or good for you, should be de rigor, no? If you can't do that, what type of society do we live in? Entitled? I hope not.


Blogger Norma said...

Someone must (I do), because I can never find boxed sympathy and get well cards, only Thank You. At my age (76) I send a lot of get well and sorry for your loss cards.

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