Saturday, July 22, 2006


Some various thoughts pinging in my head.....

Went to London, met up with that old friend, I had mentioned before in a previous post, who had called me out of the blue - we were initially romantically linked. Anyway, went out to dinner with him, despite being super tired. Have reached back to America and he's not contacted me since....was I that boring? Dinner with me must have reminded him again why he gave me the "lets just be friends" speech. urgh.


Sorry for being so unpolitical of late - I continue to be outraged by this administration, this congress and the state of the world in general. Will try to pen something about it later when I can come up with more coherent thoughts.


Is it wrong that I was very excited when I heard that the guy I use to have a crush on for like six months last year went to Pakistan and did NOT come back married? According to a mutual friend "he would never do that!" Is it also wrong that a little spark inside of me now hopes that maybe, just maybe, after a year, he'll realize how perfect I was for him and want to marry me? yeah, I need help.


Just went to see the new M. Nigh Shalayman film "The Lady in the Water" eh it was ok. My sister and I go to every one of his films cause we feel like we should support our Indian brother. But lately this brother's films have not been so hot, this latest one, I'd give a "C" too - it was average. For the man who created "Unbreakable" and "The Sixth Sense" C is not good enough. Perhaps he should think of looking to India and the wealth of folklore, scary folklore there is in that country - would make for some suspenseful and horrific films.

Have a good weekend!


Blogger Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Hang in there! Life and love are complicated. Things will improve.

Sorry to hear that The Lady in the Water wasn't so good. I like his films. I'll check it out, anyway.

2:29 AM  
Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I think you should call up the friend that went to Pakistan. Don't wait, in the US girls are allowed to phone first. Ask him out for a coffee, or hit Starbucks and get one of those new iced tea drinks, just for an afternoon thing.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Maidink said...

I so LOVE M Night Shalayman!

And not just because he's a hottie, or that he was raised and LIVES near where I work. Okay, it is because he's hot and was raised and lives near where I work.


I, too, have seen all of his films with the exception of his newest, anbd I concur. His first works were brilliant. Then, he lost something.

I don't mind you being less political. *gives cheesey smile*

2:04 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Merci - thanks - live and love are complicated, which is so difficult but I guess all one can do is hang in there, no? I'm glad I have you guys to listen to my weird rants : )

Joe - Really? You think I should call him? oh I don't know, he might think that makes me too westernized, which is this big no-no in Pakistani culture (weird, I know). maybe I should email him...what do you think?

Maidink - Thanks Maidink for not minding my non-politics of late, hee hee, yes M. Nigh Shalyaman's first films were brillant but this last one, I'm so disappointed. He is smart, I think he needs to rest and come back with something great - i hope anyway!

9:30 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

I know that I, for one, would totally see a scary movie about that "monkeyman" character.

4:26 AM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Belinda - oh yay - you stopped by!!!
Yes, monkeyman character is scary just to look at...though I think he is some God. Hmm....

8:00 PM  
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