Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Summer Part-Time Jobs

I am working a part time job for the summer, a way to earn some cash and keep myself busy.

I'm in guest services at a local concert venue. Why you ask?

Its a relatively easy job, get paid to help people out. Guest Services at this place is the more older group, more mature, at 29, I'm one of the younger ones in the group. Local high schooler's are in the more traditional jobs, ushers, ticket takers, etc.

I took this job for two reasons: 1. cause I have worked at an entertainment venue before, the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island NY and 2. cause this place is 20 minutes from my house.

Working here is certainly interesting...I'm getting to hear many concerts, but more interesting is the dynamics of the place. A ton of teeny-boppers work here. Either kids in high school or recent college entrants. I swear its like I've entered high school again. It is so weird.

Once again the pretty people are also the popular ones, some management, like some teachers, coddles the beautiful girls and handsome guys. Everyone has a group, a set of friends, not to much intermingling goes on. People make fun of others, those who look different or act out of turn. Way too many inside jokes and eye-rolling and talking behind people's backs and crushes and flirting and "he said, she said" and all that crap

Initially I was quite turned off by this - I hated all that pettiness in high school, but now I realize, wait a minute! I am a world-class traveler, I have adult friends, sophisticated tastes, I've lived a whole life these teen's couldn't even fathom - why do I even care?

Luckily my group is great, being more mature, we realize its about the job and the job isn't our life and what is most important isn't our fellow co-workers but making the patrons have a great experience.

I feel so enlightened : )

ps - welcome back Lost!! Our favorite Canadian blogger is back - check her out.


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Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Please don't turn back into a teeny-bopper. Are you ready for school? When does it start?

11:14 AM  
Blogger Brenda said...

I can't remember ever being one of those teeny-boppers. Maybe I was born aged 40. Ha!

9:15 PM  
Blogger Merci said...

Just watch it and laugh, since you won't be there forever. It happens sometimes in our offices. A male supervisor once hired a woman who wore Frederick's of Hollywood type clothes. She could have worked in a topless bar. All of the men hung around her and drooled constantly. They literally had these hungry looks on their faces when she was around. They'd stop talking to you in mid-sentence if she walked by.

She stuck her nose in the air and wouldn't talk to the women, and she only had time for a few of the men (those she thought could help her along in her career). She was one of the worst wokers we've ever had, and she is long gone. She lasted a lot longer than she would have had she been ugly, or even average...

Oh well, pretty is as pretty does!

7:17 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Joe - I'm trying hard not too : )
It starts in two weeks and I'm so NOT ready, oh boy.

Brenda - hee hee, I bet you were not like that, all gossipy and back-talking, that's why you don't remember : )

Merci - oh the injustice, men can be so guiled by a pretty face, i don't get it! My mom had a similar type lady in her office, it just boiled her blood, the lady eventually got a raise and left. Crazy, huh?

1:43 PM  
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