Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Primaries

oh come on you know I had to blog about this...I've been obsessed with my man John Edwards and more importantly the future of this country for a long time and I've made no secret of my political leanings.

I was going out to dinner with some friends tonight and as I drove out of my neighborhood all I could think was that there is no way in hades that I can endure another four more years of some extreme Republican administration - so for me there was a lot riding on tonight's Iowa primary (because we Democrats need a candidate who can win the general election!).

Perhaps I'm even more fired up than usual because this past Sunday I was watching that documentary "Jesus Camp" about the evangelical summer camps for children. It was a disturbing movie...I think what bothered me most was how they seem to brain-wash these kids with the adults views on religion and politics. I was appalled by this pro-life guy they brought in and how he said "we have to eliminate abortion," because in my mind I feel like before we work on that abstract rather un-affecting issue why don't we instead work to eliminate poverty, child abuse including child labor and the sex-trade, which has a terrible effect on a larger number of people around the world than abortion. Isn't that what Christ (pbuh) would want?? And it is the same people who run this summer camp who are currently running this country...which is frightening and I'm tired of their chilling effect freedom and liberty.

But I digress....I'm fairly pleased with the Iowa results, though would have loved if Edwards won outright, but glad Hilary came in third. She really is not a viable candidate and if we Democrats make her our nominee we will lose again (see Virginia Gal running around pulling her hair screaming "not four more years of a Republican president!!!!"). Hilary is too polarizing. I'm sorry for those of you who live in blue states and disagree, but come to my neck of the woods (in mixed red/blue state Virginia) and you would see that people either adore her or vehemently dislike her. Whereas with Edwards and Obama there is not that passionate hate and therefore these two candidates have the potential to garner votes from either Independents or those dissatisfied with G.W. and the Republican party.

My only hope for Edwards is that while it looks like Obama is going strong, Edwards might make a comeback on Super Tuesday and in South Carolina. If he (Edwards) should not win the presidential nomination for the Democrats, than the Obama camp will consider John Edwards as a running mate (cause I really like him and his family and much of what he stands for and would love to see him in some higher office).


Anonymous JoeInVegas said...

That's a problem - want a Dem, but H and O both have groups against them because of what they are. Oh well, maybe your Denmark gig can become full time.

12:17 PM  
Blogger shannon said...

Funny, i was just having the exact same conversation with one of my staff reporters, who thinks Hilary will be the next president.
Just don't see it happening, she's too hated by too many people. I'd love to see Edwards with the nomination, but I wonder if that'll really happen. In which case, I'd be happy to see an Obama/Edwards ticket.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous jellykean said...

I think an Edwards/Obama ticket would be really strong because I don't think that Obama has the proper experience. But that would be too easy I guess.

I couldn't help watching Chelsea Clinton in all the footage. I kept thinking man, wonder how she feels going through all of this again.

9:14 AM  
Blogger CS said...

I am trying so hard not to feel hopeless on this one. I am so fed up with the radical right running the show, I could just scream. I agree that Jesus Camp was an extrememly disturbing movie. But an important one - I even took my kids to see it. And the anti-choice bit remonded me of something my pro-choice grandmother used to say about abortion: "There are far worse things that can happen to a child than not being born."

2:35 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Joe - my father said the same thing as only hope is that with the oncoming recession, more and more people will be frustrated by this administration and will vote Democrat just for that reason. I pray for this.

Shannon - that is so cool that you are an Edwards supporter as heartens me to find more and more Edwards fans, that maybe he has a chance or maybe even being on the ticket. We shall keep our fingers crossed, no?

JellyKean - isn't that the truth, that poor girl has been through the ringer. I wonder if she is really keen about maybe having her family back in the White House, but like the Kennedy's she just smiles and we may never know what she truly thinks. Obama/Edwards ticket, I can work with, foi sure.

CS - I've never met your grandmother but just from her quote, I like her already! I hold out hope for this election - it is this hope that has kept me going since 2004. May this be the year we see real positive change!

11:37 PM  
Blogger Molly Malone said...

the thing with Hilary is, i think she's polarizing even for Democrats. i know of two democrat women (my mother one of them) who were Hilary fans in the early 90s, and then after Bill diddled with Monica, they turned their backs on her solely because Hilary did not divorce Bill when he publicly humiliated her. i don't understand it - divorce is hard enough when private and shitballs when you're famous, but as the First Family? can you imagine the crucifixion they would've suffered? her especially? she was in a can't-win situation, and unfortunately there are people who think that if she didn't have the gumption to dump Bill in the rose garden then she can't properly run a country. ultimately, it's just sexism. it takes generations to get rid of it.
i have to agree with jellykean, though: i worry about poor Chelsea. is she sick and tired of this? her whole life has been supporting these people, and much as you love and believe in them, it's got to be draining. girlfriend needs a break now and then!

as far as Jesus Camp, i am interested in seeing it. however, i worry it implies that all or most evangelical Christian summercamps are like that one. i'm sure they're out there, but i suspect (or hope anyway) they're in the minority. i know my church camp experience was great. even when we were southern baptists and the standard line was that the path to heaven was far narrower than i believe now, i remember camp experiences being more about singing and praying and crafts. they may have preached that hell is a crowded place, but that's no controversy. who doesn't expect SoBaps to preach that? my chosen denomination (not SoBap) gave me a great, spiritual, social and safe experience. our general church sponsors weeklong sex-ed camps for 8th graders in most of its church regions. i didn't go that summer, but friends who've gone and who've been counselors say it's the greatest. if you're a counselor, be prepared to answer about your history honestly. if you're a kid, it's a safe place to ask questions. my brother remembers a camper coming to him asking if there was a book about how to make love to your wife on your wedding night. and there are some kids whose parents have told them nothing about sex - even at 13! i think the tendency is to advocate abstinence, but they don't guilt the fuck out of you if you don't wait. frankly, they want you know how to use a condom and know it's okay to feel (and be) gay. ... why i rambled, i don't know. i think just to say - yeah, i really do wanna see that documentary, but i've NEVER heard of any Christians having that kind of camp experience. maybe i'll check with my fundamentalist cousins.
it's like saying: here's a documentary about a radical madrassa! they're out there for sure and they're pumping out suicide bombers, but how many in the islamic world are really hateful and radical? ... and if they really are in the majority of their community, what kind of action-response am i, as an audience member supposed to take? i think that's something that most issue-documentaries fail to do: inspire to action. at least "Inconvenient Truth" ended with calls to action. ... but i keep rambling like an old Dodge ...

7:58 PM  

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