Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Environmentally Sound

I absolutely had to post this picture - from my Oslo trip this past weekend. My friends and I came upon this adorable car purely by happen chance. It is so reflective of how environmentally friendly Scandinavia is; this car is electric and plugged in on the other side. Plus it takes up so little room (my height is 5'1 and I was taller than the car). Here in Copenhagen, they recycle everything and most stores will not even give you a plastic bag, you have to pay for it. I collect empty beer cans whenever I'm walking around town, because the grocery stores pay when you recycle those cans. Also, as I noted in a previous post, Denmark relies heavily on wind energy, a renewable source. I would LOVE to get this car for my dad - he's a tiny Indian man and I think he would look so cute driving in this, in the States.

On a totally different note....

Funny short story - During a break in Danish language class this week, a few of us native English speakers got talking about children's programming. Somehow we mentioned Cookie Monster and the French girl sitting next to me said (in a thick French accent) "what, a monster on a children's show?" She was befuddled.
So I said, "no he's really cute,"
And she replied "but he's a monster," and we tried to explain that's he just a monster for cookies - she wasn't altogether convinced. We suggested she youtube Cookie Monster. I think its funny how somethings just don't translate - even sweet ol'Cookie Monster.

"C is for cookie, it's good enough for me; oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C." - Cookie Monster


Blogger Merci said...

There are windmills in AC (Atlantic City) now. There are windfarms in Iowa now, too. My home energy expenses are cramping my style right now. I could use a windmill, too...

There are other lovable monsters, aren't there? I'm trying to think of some. Puff the magic dragon. Barney (well, sort of). And the monster in Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, what was it called? The Bumble, I think...Hmmm, might have to Google it.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Molly Malone said...

for the last month or so, Whole Foods , here has been advertising that they won't be bagging in plastic anymore. i asked the cashier what they'll do for folks who don't have bags, or who need extra bags. (i forget to bring mine 2/3 of the time.) they're switching back to paper (probably more easily recyclable) and they're going to charge for them. already, IKEA charges something like 15 cents for their plastic bags.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous JoeInVegas said...

I wonder what the young woman would make of the rest of Sesame Street? That Elmo is a favorite of little kids?

10:46 AM  
Blogger mommanator said...

In MAryland they are inacting the NO plastic bag thing- good for them! Paper will be there. I have purchased a couple of those gigantic blue bags from IKEA more than 15cents, but they are real handy when ya just can't fit a large unusal shaped thing in any other bag! Plus when I go to Good Will to drop off things - they hold soooo much.
I lovre that car I want one! I have seen a couple here, but can't afford and I don't think my 6'2" hubby will fit! but I would!

11:13 AM  
Blogger citizen of the world said...

Cookie! Coo-oo-oo-ookie!

That's a great little car. I wish we had more of their respect for the environment here.

6:08 AM  
Anonymous jellykean said...

ooohhh Cookie doesn't translate :(
How funny!

2:33 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Merci - oh yes you are right there are other lovable monsters...good point!

Molly - IKEA is Scandinavian, totally makes sense...and Whole Foods, ahead of the curve again!

Joe - amazingly she had not heard of Sesame Street??? But she did know Dora the Explorer : )

Mommantor - those cars are the cutest, no? Yes I want one two...maybe if enough of us clamor for it, they will bring it to the States?? We start a car revolution!

Citizen of the World - yes they do seem to have more respect for the environment over here, even the Churches are green over here!

JellyKean - It struck me as funny (smile)

9:29 PM  
Blogger Darla D said...

I can totally see your dad in the cloud car! :-)

Good thing you didn't tell her about Oscar the Grouch...

11:21 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Darla - hee hee, yes my dad would look so cute in these cars, I think.

3:26 AM  
Blogger Hina said...

how freaky not knowing the Cookie Monster! even my on-line friends know him - he's the bomb :D

10:43 PM  

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