Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding, Figure Skating etc.

I'm back!!!

Stayed up Thursday night/Friday morning to watch the entire royal wedding - the result is that I am now suffering a cold and have lost my voice (no I didn't cheer, I was drinking something cold and the weather in L.A. at night was cold, I am thinking there is a corrolation). My thoughts on the wedding:

  1. LOVED Kate's dress! I thought it fit her perfectly and so classic. She reminded me of an old fashion Spanish Princess, like what perhaps Katherine of Aragon would have looked like. Her hair and the tiara were beautiful, truly like a princess. I thought the veil was a nice touch, in the Spanish style. Also the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses were so cute, I would love to get one of those pleated flower girl dresses for my baby!!
  2. I thought the Abbey looked great with the flowers and the trees! Again a nice touch, made it seem more intimate and less cold.
  3. I was amazed at how short the actual ceremony is itself, the real long part was the mass afterwards, funny how it seemed some of the key players in the wedding didn't know the words to properly sing the hymn.
  4. Some of those hats were insane, no? What were Princess Beatrice and Eugenie thinking? And all the fashionista's were wowing over Tara Palmer Tomlinson (I think that is her name, the chic in blue with the weird hat) I thought she looked hideous. Also Victoria Beckham might have looked cute but what a snob, looking down her nose at everyone.
  5. All in all what a fairy tale day!!

In other news - world figure skating championships were held this week, sadly I was unable to see any of it because none of the regular television channels were showing it, bummer. I had to follow through the ISU website. Alissa Cziny completely shortchanged, she deserved to be on the podium! I hope that she continues skating this way and into next season, so she gets a chance to win!


Blogger secret agent woman said...

I didn't see it, but I hoe you're having a good visit in LA.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Merci said...

What was up with Princess Beatrice's hat? It looks like something you'd hang window treatments through.

I'll bet Victoria Beckham was put out that the biggest event of the decade had to happen while she was pregnant and she couldn't compete for skinniest guest. And maybe she was a little bit uncomfortable, too.

Wish the Obamas had been there, but there was plenty going on back here to keep them in the news!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Secret - We did have a good time, thanks!

Merci - oh that is a good point, perhaps Victoria Beckham was uncomfortable, she looked so put out, no?
Yes, wish there had been more American representation :)

12:32 AM  

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