Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bosnian Labor Day

Tomorrow is Bosnian Labor day - May 1, most of my fellow Americans will be out of town, road tripping through the country to get to the coast. Not us. I have never been a fan of road trips even in the USA but in Bosnia its 100 times worse. There are no major highways to speak of in the country (someone told me this was done purposely by Tito so it would be harder for the Soviets to invade) thus a driving road trip in this mountainous country requires mostly driving on two lane windy paths, up and down mountainsides with no safety railings and often in between two big trucks. I hate it. Its long and tiring and the kids and I soon get bored. If you get stuck behind someone slow, you often have to go many miles before you get a stretch of road where you can pass on the left (into incoming traffic) I'm not even brave enough to drive - make my husband do it.

I would love to get to the final destination of some beautiful beach town, but I don't relish the journey. I'm always amazed at how many of my fellow Americans do do the road trip, some nearly every weekend. It is the only way to explore this country and the countryside of Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful, like one big national park. Maybe in the future when the kids are older or hopefully when Bosnia develops and builds major highways. Tell than, I'm Sarajevo bound.


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