Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things I shall Miss About Sarajevo

Just a few of the things I'll miss about Sarajevo:
1. The people, all the wonderful people in our lives (Jelena our nanny, the flower lady, the old vegetable couple, all the local staff at the Embassy, our friends made through the Garden House, Jasna my language teacher, the flower store ladies who always gave Eyshie a free flower, the sweet shop ladies in the store next to our apartment, our egg lady, the cashiers at Mercator who started to recognize me and were nice.

2. The kindness of strangers, all the time I was pregnant with my second, whenever I rode the tram, without fail, in a second, someone would get up for me to sit down. That never happened the entire time I was riding the DC metro.

3. The beauty of the land, just lovely, rolling green hills, vibrant colors everywhere.

4. The ease of life here - small city that fit my tiny family perfectly, I loved that you could be walking up the street and meet a dozen people you know on your way home.

5. The history, a deep and varied history courses through the veins of this place.

6. The fact that most Bosnians love Americans - rare in this day and age to go to a country where they like us, they really like us.

7. The family friendly attitude of everyone here. We could take baby anywhere and no one ever asked us to leave, even when he was in full temper tantrum mood. Actually what was even better, they would take the baby and play with him, calm him down. So amazing!

8. The daughter's pre-school, she really thrived there and the teachers were so loving, we will miss that!

9. Cost of services, from hair to taxis to nails, all very cheap and of the highest quality!

10. The kindess and warmth of everyone we meet here, be it a five minute interaction or for the entire two years, everyone was also welcoming.


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Catching up. I've enjoyed your Sarajevo posts. I have a Croatian patient, and she has talked about her visits home.

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