Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Bosnia as a Muslim Country

I had a friend post on Facebook inquiring if Bosnia is a Muslim country.  That is a tricky question, technically no, it is a secular country, with no one religion to identify. But yes, the majority of citizens identify themselves as Muslim. Its a mixed bag here of varying degrees of Islam, some very liberal others wearing the full head covering and body wrap. Also, Bosnia has two other major religions, Serb Orthodox and Catholic. It can't be forgotten that it was this religious divide that fueled the 1990's Bosnian war.

The first official census for the country since the outbreak of the war in 1991 is scheduled to come out this month. There is much controversy surrounding it. It will conclusively show the results of ethnic cleansing and a fleeing dispora - experts guess that the numbers will present a much smaller Bosnia, about 1 million less people then from 1991. The census could also show that there are much less Muslims in this country than originally thought. Than the question really becomes, is this a Muslim country without a Muslim majority??


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