Friday, January 29, 2016

Work Venting

I just need to vent about work and what better place to do it than here on the blog, no?

This post I'm at, I'm not feeling it. People seem very selfish, self-centered, maybe I got lucky on the first post, but this one seems like no one cares to help anyone else out. There is no sense of team. I tried to send out a nice reminder to everyone in my section that W-2's are out and I was shot down, like why? They already know. Is that wrong of me?

I was trying to help my replacement and she wanted none of it, as I predicted, she knows the score and doesn't need my assistance (unless something screws up, than I'm sure it will be my fault).

I don't know, if the person before me, wanted to teach me how they did things, I would take their advice. I had a great mentor at my previous post and she really taught me a lot about how to do things.

Here I think I have to just disconnect and not care; as it seems everyone else seems to be doing.

On top of which, I signed up for this special project and the three other people on the project seem to be making it into this massive ordeal which I'm not seeing. I kinda snapped yesterday at one of them, the only guy on the team (clearly a recent college grad, full of lots of talk but little action, I was beyond annoyed).

Right, I gotta check out of this mess mentally at least. I think it would help if I had better friends here at post, but that is not the case. Hard to make friends here for sure.


Blogger Norma said...

I hope things have improved by now (Mar. 16).

9:56 AM  

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