Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jakarta Protests

This is going on in Jakarta today....


Jakarta taxi drivers protest against Uber and Grab

Not affecting me directly, though I do use Jakarta taxi's all the time, have never used Uber or Grab here, but on my India trip we did take advantage Grab, only because you couldn't get taxi's easy in the neighborhood my aunt lives in. 

I will say taxi's in Jakarta are fairly cheap and easy to find, so perhaps there are too many, which makes them very competitive for money. When we went to Singapore, we had a heck of a time with taxis, many taxis around but you couldn't hail one at all, they were all pre-booked and than when you would get one to stop on the street for you, he would decide if he wanted to go to your destination or not, sometimes he would drive off, guess didn't need the fare all that much. We never have that problem here in Jakarta. On occasion I'll take a rickshaw or motorbike for hire, while the taxis are safe, they can stuck in traffic something terrible. The motorbikes can really bob and weave; though sadly the price of a nice air conditioned taxi and a hired motorbike is the same. Crazy, no??

Hopefully, tomorrow everything will go back to normal.


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