Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fly By Night Travel

Back in the day, if you remember from many many posts ago (see 2003-2006) when I was a traveling fiend! Someone asked me, could I still do that type of travel.

I don't think I could do my fly-by-night trips anymore, old age has caught up with me. That was when I was young and carefree, working for the airlines. I remember for a few months (when I was infatuated with a boy) I would do weekend trips to London, leaving on Friday night, getting there Saturday morning and leaving Sunday morning back to the USA - crazy! But I made great, fond memories and got to see the world. Now, I've transitioned from quick world trips to wanting to live for extended periods in a location, I suppose its  a progression as I grow up - yet continuing to feed my gypsy/nomad/world-exploring bug.


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