Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Losing Weight (not!)

Rainy season is over in Jakarta and now it is hot, hot, hot!! Its pool weather for sure, walking from the cafeteria back to the office, I could picture myself jumping into the pool easily instead of what I had to do, go back and sit in front of my computer for another 3 hours. Joy.

Which leads me to my next point, still on the weight loss program here at work and sad to say, my plan of eating less but not exercising is, surprise surprise, not working. Aye! They weigh me here in KG, so I did the conversion to LB's today, seems I need to lose about 7 pounds. This can be done, I must start exercising. My first plan was to swim, take the kids in the pool but those lucky ducks usually swim when they get home from school, so not sure if they would want to go in again and that too, if its good for their little skin to be in the pool so much. I'll have to figure something out, thinking maybe even just getting up from desk every hour and walking around for 5 minutes, its not much but it at least will get me moving, no?

On a totally unrelated note, so happy to hear Bernie Sanders won Wisconsin today (well last night in America, which is roughly 12 hours behind Indonesia). Not sure if he will win the nomination but I'm rooting for him. He is the only candidate that interests me, but either way, whoever wins the Democratic nomination will get my vote.


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