Friday, April 01, 2016

Weight Loss Program

I'm participating in the Embassy weight loss program, its 16 weeks and I'm suppose to lose something like 10% of my weight, there are cash prizes.

I've been doing fairly well, though not losing much, like portions of a kg, not even one kg yet (since they weight us in kg, not lb's). Today, I went in and I had gained weight! I was so made at myself, I know this is my fault, this week I did not stick to the diet or exercise, but still I thought I could counter that with two days of fasting and some tough walking for one hour one day. Guess not. I must buckle down and get serious, especially if I want to win the money!

For me the weight loss is more because I hate that I have clothes in my closet that I can't wear anymore and that here in Indonesia, when I clothes shop, they immediately start me at large or XL, what the heck?!

God, I miss my teen days when I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I envy my 5 year old daughter this morning I left for work while she ate Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints for breakfast. Yum!


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