Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Once again I'm neglecting this blog, terrible of me. I have to say that the lure of short attention span twitter and facebook has attracted me as well..is that the future of the human race, short attention spans??

Just went on vacation to Thailand, Phuket. It was lovely, beautiful beaches, so warm. I did try to enjoy the ocean and swim a bit but I couldn't help but think in the back of my mind, to keep aware of any tsunamis, crazy, no? I made escape plans and how fast could I run and where too and how to save the kids. I'm sure the likelihood of another tsunami in that area happening is like 1 in 100 but the images from the 2004 disaster is still vivid in my mind.

Some days I want to just sit in bed and read all day - anyone else?

I'm so in love with my children, I like to watch their videos while at work, mind you I live with them, so its just missing their cuteness in the middle of the day. aye.


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