Saturday, January 26, 2008

Orientation Week at Copenhagen Business School

Orientation week is completed - I've been in Denmark for seven whole days! The pictures above are from the last event of Orientation week, a canal tour of Copenhagen. Houseboats lining the canal, so very Danish and the other is the Royal Church, framed by the Royal Palace (the buildings on the side, the Danish have an interesting Royal Home, four sections - I'll try to get better pictures later on, this is just the view from the water).

Orientation week has been fun! I've gotten to met A LOT OF people - from all different parts of the world, all exchange students. Amazingly there are, I would say, an even ratio of Canadians to Americans. I have to think its because the Canadians are use to this absolutely COLD weather (on a side note I have completely succumbed to this temperature and am currently nursing a cold, joy).

Regarding Orientation week, we had Danish language crash courses in the morning and in the evening some social event. One night was ice skating (which I loved), outdoors in the city centre (right next to where I live), it was lovely, of course again the Canadians showed everyone up, skating so fast and doing tricks. The Danish Orientation team than gave all of us free hot drinks (I had to ask for an alcohol free alternative, this is one thing I miss from America, here they drink A LOT and generally don't have anything without alcohol, except water).

Another night we had international dinner in which every student brought a dish from their home country (I made brownies, but the winners were the Irish stew, the Korean beef and the French something - I didn't get to try it so beats me what it was). I have to say the American table was done quite nicely, we had PB&J, sloppy joes, mac & cheese, potato chips, fries and grilled cheese sandwiches (no McDonalds). I also thought the Germans and the Canadians had lovely and large spreads (the Canadians are a hoot, they had made this dish with cream cheese and jam in the image of their flag). My friends at the Singapore table made a good dish as well, chicken curry, tasted perfectly Indian - I say the Singaporians were robbed!

Last night was a bang, a party at the school. I got dressed up and danced the night away. It was enjoyable to talk with people outside of class. Its funny how some undergrad's behave when they are intoxicated, since here in Denmark they can all legally drink, aye.

Finally the week ended today with the canal trip - it was lovely but frigidly cold!! I tried to take a few pictures from the outside deck but spent the later half of the tour inside the boat just watching from a window. We passed by some houses that were just gorgeous, that had been built right up to the canal, so the people living there could walk down some steps and be in the water, how cool! My favorite was the homes that were a little above the water line, these locations had those swimming ladders on the side of the wooden planks that make up the canal and these ladders lead into the canal (though I can't imagine anytime in Denmark when the water is swim able?)

One week down, I'm enjoying myself despite the illness - school starts next week - I have to keep reminding myself that I'm here to study, not just play around (smile).


Blogger Darla D said...

Yay - I'm glad you are having fun! I love the pics - keep 'em coming! And don't study too hard - you can always study back at home. Live it up and get to know the city and people you're meeting - you will not remember all the studying as much as you will living there and exploring the city, years from now. (You know what I mean - no slacking, but don't stress over it the way it's so easy to do.)

7:40 PM  
Blogger mommanator said...

Did you actually take the first pic? it looks like a painting!too beautiful!
I was gonna warn you about the drinking in Denmark , but alas you already know!
Sounds like you are having a ball already! keep up the fun and I agree with darla d!
Good luck on the cold, dress in layers is what I have heard. You will get used to it eventually LOl
The other cold- drink plenty of fluids,hot herbal tea(ya need any or a thermos) is good to clear up those sinuses.I like the natural stuff!

8:54 AM  
Anonymous jellykean said...

You might need to find a netti pot! Any cute boys? Sorry I am totally boy crazy these days and I think America is out of them/available ones at least. Wondering if going abroad might help :) I'm so proud of you for taking this adventure.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Darla - thanks for keeping it real - you're right, while I should study it should not be to the detriment of enjoying this wonderful experience of living here.

Mommantor - I did take that picture and thank you for the compliment I always think my picture taking ability is crap. Thanks also for the advice, lots of hot liquids it is!

Jelly Kean - no worries, I think we girls are always boy crazy, thanks for the kind words - it is definitely an adventure!

10:14 AM  

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