Friday, July 30, 2010

Cars and Irish Number Plates

There is nothing like flying commercial aviation today to see some bad behavior by individuals.

Take, for example, when I was connecting through Chicago en route to Phoenix (from Washington DC) - the flight crew asked repeatedly "if Chicago is your final destination, please wait to leave the plane for those people making connections." This was done largely in part because we had been delayed almost an hour and a half in Washington DC. Yet do people do that? Of course not! I don't understand it. Is it that you just really have to get off the plane, or that you really don't care? Naturally these seem people would expect me to wait for them. Thankfully, despite these people's insensitivity, I made my flight.

Than when one arrives at their final destination you inevitably have those people who forgotten where they parked in the economy lot, so why do the rest of us have to go on the search with you? I think a perfect solution to a lost car and if you are prone to those incidents, to get Personalised Number Plates. This way you would always know which one is your car. My sister has personalized car plates on her mustang (unlike me, she is working this great professional job, making big bucks and going places career wise, sigh). These plates always help my father confirm its her car when he has to drive it.


Blogger mommanator said...

Unfortunaley people are so "me" conscious, dont really think of others, their agenda is always more important than the bloke next to him.
I am almost always last to leave a plane no matter being late or not as my dau is disabled, It makes you slow, but we get there!

1:09 PM  
Blogger secret agent woman said...

I have never understood why people without connections to make feel okay about plowing over everyone else.

Just to let you know, I've had to change my blog's URL. This avatar links to the new site.

8:48 PM  
Blogger JoeinVegas said...

People just want to get off. (and they are the important ones)

11:01 AM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Mommantor - you are one of the good ones!

Secret Agent - i can't find you!

Joe - lol

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous stevencarper said...

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12:39 AM  
Anonymous brettdean said...

Great post...
In UK,Where can I get latest collection of irish number plates?

3:50 AM  

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