Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ramadan Mubarak!

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us! On the surface one can see it’s a month of fasting all day, taking in no food or liquids from sunrise to sunset. These acts last for one whole month. But delve further and realize that it is about learning self-restraint, submitting to God and gaining patience and temperance.

The latter are, of course, the higher goals of this month, but we can see that largely, many Muslims fail to achieve. I am just as guilty. Every year I vow to become more patient and while I do think I’ve made some head-way, there is definitely much more room to grow! There should be more inner-reflection by all Muslims, during this holy month but what I see more often, sadly, is judgment of others and preening of religious self-importance.

Ramadan 2011 is going to be particularly difficult for me and already I have decided that I won’t be able to do all 30 days. Living so far from family, I can’t afford to get sick, there is only the husband and I, to take care of baby. [I had food poisoning about a month ago and it was awful, baby could not understand why momma couldn’t pick her up and play]. As it is, I’ve fasted two days and I’m falling over with sleep exhaustion. It doesn’t help that just as the month of fasting begins, baby starts to get her teeth (so she is not sleeping through the night, sometimes waking up for three hours at a stretch!).

Right, my prayer for this holy month is, “oh Allah, may this month easy, help me to be a good mother, wife and daughter and may your light and blessings shine on me and my loved ones forever.”


Blogger Kerry said...

I know very little about Islam, so I hope you won't mind if I ask what may be a stupid question.

Is there an allowance for situations such as this, where you need to care for the baby?

I remember a Muslim friend of ours being told by her husband that she needn't fast as usual when she was pregnant, but I don't know anything about a situation with a small baby.

I grew up Catholic and it's a totally different religion of course, but I know that during my childhood, my mother, as a diabetic, wasn't required to fast before an early morning Mass since that could cause her blood sugar to drop and she could pass out.

I hope you don't mind a little curiosity from a reader of your blog.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Thought and prayers. May they be granted by Allah.


2:46 PM  
Blogger secret agent woman said...

I would think being able to care for your baby would have to take precedence over fasting - parenting can be itself a spiritual act.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Kerry - you are correct there are a number of allowances in fasting, including being pregnant, diabetes. I think you are right, taking care of such a little baby must be excused. I'm going to trust in God's grace for this : )

Austen - thank you!

Secret Agent - yes I believe you are correct.

12:13 AM  
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