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Here it is, per Molly Malone's request, pic's of the queen. As you can see, we were not very close, they kept us commoners away, down at the bottom of these hill banks. The building in the background is the State Capital of Virginia. Selected people were allowed closer during her walk-about. We actually saw Prince Phillip better than the Queen herself. Plus it was raining so she didn't stay out long. It was fun though, my friend and I got there at 2:30pm for the 4pm sighting. When she got there, we mostly watched it from the tv screen, but laughed and joked with the people around us, including a very old English woman (who had a great sense of humor). I like to think we Americans like the royal family because they have all the glitz and glamour without us having to foot their bills (which irks my English friends to no end).

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'm thick in the middle of finals. Last night's financial management was killer, God pray he curves it!

To top that off, Virginia Gal is not well. I tripped on Sunday while running an errand and now my left foot is swollen and I can barely walk. This sucks and couldn't have come at a worst time! Suddenly I know what it truly feels like to be in this country without health care, I can't afford to go to the ER or get an X-ray, all I could do was go to the student health services and see a doctor, who told me to ice it and take ibuprofen, but if swelling doesn't go down, I'm in trouble. Again there is something seriously wrong with this country when we have money for bombs but no money to allow those who need it, health care. I hope my foot gets better because I really don't want to go throught the rigamaroll of finding or applying for reduced fee health care services. I'd like to walk normal again as well. Aye!


Blogger Darla D said...

Yikes! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. Don't forget to keep it elevated, in case they neglected to tell you that. Feel better soon!

And I'm glad you got to see the Queen - tax free! :-)

3:59 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

I'm not sure I'd walk across the street to see the Queen but I have seen Buckingham Palace. That's a glitzy place the Brits are paying for!

Take care of your ankle and foot, I was once in a cast off and on for 8 wks after I tore ligiments and tendons in my foot and ankle. I understand about the health care costs too, I also have no insurance, they just won't cover me for anything close to affordable coverage. My last doctor's visit took 5 minutes and cost $127.00 plus another $85.00 for prescriptions.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Molly Malone said...

this country is definitely fucked up with health insurance. my in-laws who are married to brits or are in the health profession are against universal health care because apparently it's a headache in England. WAH! ours doesn't have to operate like theirs. we need a remedy that doesn't leave ANYONE out in the cold! ergh. when i took my neighbor who just died to the drug store a few weeks ago for her cancer meds, 4 pills cost $285 - and that was WITH co-pay. can you imagine if you have cancer or something similarly difficult and are uninsured or under-insured? sorry, pal. guess you'll have to die, painfully. we can't burden the american taxpayer with your existence. ... in the meantime, here's a big tax cut to urban SUV drivers polluting our air who have NOTHING TO DO WITH LEGITIMATE AG BUSINESS.
... stepping off the soapbox. i hate the insurance issue in this country. i'm going to calm down, though.

definitely keep an eye on your foot. sometimes a simple twist can actually be something else.

as for the Queen - it actually looks like you got some good views of her. way to go! i know some folks who travelled to see her and saw nothing at all. their pictures are of crowds upon crowds. you at least got the easter egg!

7:47 PM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I am not that crazy about the British royal family (or the necessity of having such BS around at all) but I am afraid that growing up half my life in Spain can do that to the best of us seeing that monarchy is so huge and such a waste here in Europe!

I am glad she brought some form of excitement into your day though! It is always fun to get a glimpse of celebrity, whether we like them or no! Makes for an interesting story or two!

As for your foot, hope you get better soon!

And universal health care is a tricky issue. Here in Spain, the care afforded is ridiculous. I once called to get an appt for my yearly pap and the guy literally yelled at me over the phone that unless something was wrong with me there was no need for me to take that appointment away from someone who might need it more than me!!!

So we always have private health insurance but the bitch is that even if you don't use the "free" one, if you are self employed you have to pay $300 some odd a MONTH to support it!!!! Ridiculous! And you still pay for it when working for others... I find that unfair and would say that such systems need some tweaking indeed!

9:48 AM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

PS... I just read your reply to my previous comment and am so glad you liked the vids! I have Gaudi ones up now though I am afraid that your seeing them may bring the traveling itch back! Oy! ;-P

9:49 AM  
Blogger Random Kath said...

I am so sorry to hear about your foot . . . Is there an Urgent Care facility near you? They are not as expensive as an ER, but often provide many of the same services. They have several of them up here in Northern VA, and both Mr. Random and I had to use it a few times and were very pleased with the service. There should also be a few clinics around who can take you. I know it may be a bit of a pain to do that sort of research, but you do want to make sure . . .

I also second that you put your foot up and also make sure it is wrapped properly.

11:53 AM  
Blogger mommanator said...

Sorry about the foot, bet it is better already! Otherwise take some motrin/advil, keep it up as previously advised or kick someones butt! LOL always makes one feel better.
Your pic looks like you had great acess to the Queen-does she have a hat for every ocasion or what!
good luck with the finals too

4:37 PM  
Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Do what people around here do, go to ER and give a false name, then skip the bill.

10:33 AM  
Blogger CS said...

You got closer than I'd have expected to the Queen. The whole royalty thing puzzles me. I had a Scottish roommate who really felt the royals were different in some mystical way. Oh, and so sorry about the foot - hope it heals up soon.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Darla - thanks yeah, its elevated and tax-free is the best way to see the Queen, hee hee.

Brenda - yeah I could totally live in Buckingham Palace, schnazzy! Health Care costs in this country are outrageous, I'm also tempted to buy the airticket to Canada and get the attention there - cheaper!

Molly - Hear hear I completely agree on your soapbox, I think you should send your letter to the Post, maybe time it for early July when Michael Moore's film comes out.
Yeah, I guess we were pretty close in seeing the Queen, only the little ole English lady in front of us, plus the plastic barrier but it was good viewing!

MizBohemia - hee hee, you echo my English friend's sentiments regarding royalty, they see them as a drain and unnecessary. I guess I like 'em cause I don't have to pay for them. God knows I'm not a fan of the Bush family (who I do have to pay for, urgh!).
That's a shame about the health care in Spain, but from what I've read on your blog, I'm not surprised, God I don't know how you survive in that country, I'd pull my hair out.
And yes, I LOVE the videos!! Muy Bueno!

Random Kath - thank you dear, I did end up going to an urgent care near Fair Oaks Mall, visit and x-ray cost under $300, not bad, now here's crossing my fingers no need for a cast (aye!).

Mommantor - she does seem to have a hat for all occassions, I'd love to see her hat room - but its fab! Can you imagine being a five year old playing dress up in there! Wild. Thanks for the finals well wishes.

Joe - LOL - hee hee, my consious (sp) would never let me get away with that, but I'll file it away should I need surgery, hee hee.

CS - yeah I can't figure out my fascination with royalty, but I'm obsessed (since my link to the Danish royal family) - I wonder if it has something to do with this whole idea that they lead a live I would love to have but never will?

1:03 AM  

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