Monday, November 22, 2010

Small Miracles

I had to share this story, because its nice to have something good for a change, no?

As you know, my job is high stress only in that my manager is a super micro-manager and will pounce on me for even the smallest of mistakes. Honestly, I think part of this is because he is not kept busy enough. I wish there were more meetings to put him in, because I find the more occupied he is with others the less time he has to nitpick me.

The one day of the week I love at work is Friday, because he doesn't come in. This past Friday, all was going well when I went to retrieve a student file in my new file cabinet. Imagine my distress when I opened up the drawer and could NOT find the file. Oh My God, I was in a state of panic. The boss would rip me a new one if a student file, with confidential material in it, was lost. I tore that file cabinet upside down, going through every folder. How could this happen?! Since my boss's melt down last week, I had been on edge, trying to be extra careful about every little thing I did (of course I think this heighted vigilance could cause a person to make more mistakes because one is so filled with tension).

I did not want to tell the boss on Monday morning that I couldn't find a file. My Friday was slowly being ruined by this situation. I decided to take a deep breath and go to a higher power, my mum's advice. As children, my mother had told my sister and I about a prayer that we could read, four times, to ask for God's help to find a missing item. My sister swears by this prayer (anytime she loses something, that is the first thing she does, reads this prayer). At this point, only God could help me, because I had turned not only the file cabinet but my office inside and out and could not find that freaking file. I prayed the prayer and in the meantime I also continued to look, I asked other professors if perhaps I had mistakenly given them the file, nothing. The hours rolled by, my nervousness rising. At lunchtime I had to go to another professor's office to give him some paperwork for an upcoming meeting. Walking into his door, I glanced down at his desk and lo and behold what was sitting thereā€¦.the missing student file!!! I had given it to this professor for review and had completely forgotten I had done this. Oh I was ecstatic!! All was well again, my mother had again been proven right, the power in this prayer, praise to God for saving my behind!


Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Perhaps some memory enhancement exercises might be helpful, or notes?

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is great Power in prayer, if done whole heartdly. Never undermine that. I hope your mother knows how much of her up-bringing is helping you in your adult life. Maybe it will also make you a great parent.


12:57 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Joe - don't they say memory goes with pregnancy??

Austen - I hope she realizes it too! Thank you : )

12:15 AM  

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