Friday, July 27, 2007

Lindsey Lohan and me

I've been briefly following this Lindsay Lohan drama, which is to say, if the radio DJ's were talking about it, I listened, but haven't been going out of my way to hear the, "news."

This evening I had an overwhelming, almost painful bout (wave whatever you want to call it) of depression. I can't understand it. I have been so blessed - why am I still feeling this saddness?? It makes no sense. This got me thinking about Lindsey Lohan, here is another girl who has been given so much by God, lots of money, fame, a fabulous career and yet she continues down this addict's path, clearly in some cry for help or need to get away. But why would she want to get away? She has a fabulous life, no?

What is it about her and me that makes us sad - makes us want to escape our lives, lives that are beyond just fine but actually pretty damn good - escape, for her through drugs, for me - fanciful daydreaming.

When the news first came out about Lindsey Lohan I scoffed at her stupidity but after tonight I feel almost a sisterly bond, an empathy. Though I don't know why we both share these tendencies of depression I do know they are painful (even with my "stay positive" mantra, I feel like I'm drowning in sorrow).

I can't help but feel sad for Lindsey, I have a great family/friends support network (which she doesn't seem to have at all) and at least my suffering is done alone without the whole world to see.


Blogger CS said...

First, I'm so sorry you're feeling low. About L.L. - I don't care much about celebrities, but I would say that the rest us often overook the fact that they are just people. Money doesn't insulate you from sorrow, and I would think that fame might be hard to bear. That moment of awareness of your sisterhood is a reflection of your connection with everyone in the world. Which can only be to the good.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Merci said...

I don't get too wrapped up in the flood of information about celebs, either, but I feel very sad for LL. This is not just bad girl behavior, and for someone so young to be so far into addiction is heart-wrenching. I hope she gets real treatment. I hope she wants it. Wanting to be better is a big step on the way to getting there.

I'm sorry you're feeling blue. Lots of good thoughts coming your way. Take whatever positive steps you can to feel better.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Random Kath said...

Life can be very overwhelming, and even when things are going well, we have feeling of real doubt - kind of "why am I here? What am I doing?"

Even in success, we can be on paths we aren't sure about, going in directions we aren't sure we want to go. The thing about LL is the feeling that she doesn't have anyone around to help ground her. Where are her real friends? Being famous just means that there are more people who want to be around you who don't really care about the REAL you. The REAL LL probably feels very lonely and horrible, and anyone with half a brain can see that and respond to it.

I'm sorry you aren't feeling too well either - grad school and life in general can be very hard to deal with - Mr. Random and I are going through that right now. I'm dealing with it by staying super busy and entertained. Just know that your support network is there for you if you need it. I send big hugs and happy vibes your way . . .

3:22 PM  
Blogger mommanator said...

O you silly gal! Dont you know us females are always a hop skip and jump away from crying-and usually for no reason at all! I am in your boat too, we just ahve to paddle along. Thankfully we don't crash on drugs and Alcohol!
LL needs to blog with us, and get the real deal!
I also feel sad for her. She is beautiful, has lots and is throwing it down the hopper! I think we feel sad for her cause she sorta grew up in front of our eyes and was once a real cutie child star. We all need to keep praying someone helps her help herself! She needs a stay at camp mommanator! for sure!
Now for you- get outa that mood! or you will have to be mommanatored! Ask Merci what that is like!
Have a wonderous weekend!

6:43 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

CS - thank you for the kind words, it definitely makes me feel better...maybe I'm not such a bad person after all.

Merci - thank you for the kind thoughts, I'm working hard to stay positive but its getting harder and harder each day. If this doesn't improve I think I might go see my doctor.

Random Kath - thank you for the big hugs and happy vibes, and for letting me know that its just not me, that perhaps this is a symptom of grad school and transistions in life. This is not an unusual symptom.

Mommantor - hee hee Mommantored, what is that, sounds comforting though, like a big hug and warm hot chocolate. You are right, these symptoms are chacteristic of women in general, I wonder if I'm missing something vitamin right now, causing this....

9:48 PM  

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