Monday, March 01, 2010

Still Seeking Job and Dublin Car Rental

March 1st and I'm still seeking a permanent job. Right now I'm with the good ol'e retail gig and I can't complain, it has definitely helped my mood. I don't feel so sad and desperate now, does that make any sense? I guess just having something and working is better than nothing and sitting around the house all day, particularly in this economy!

Finished reading Tracy Kidder's book, Strength in What Remains. I highly recommend! Its under 250 pages and it moves rapidly, focusing on a true American story about an immigrant/refugee who gets off the plane at JFK with no connections and just $200 in his pocket and plunges right into trying to make the American dream - working as a grocery delivery boy in Manhattan during the day and sleeping in Central Park at night. The hero, is a medical student from war-torn Burundi (in central Africa). What I found fascinating is not only the part about his survival in America, knowing no one and stumbling into some lucky breaks, but the back story about Burundi. Kidder provides a lot of history about the country and the events leading up the civil war that forces our hero out of his home country. Most of the focus of the world during this time period was on neighboring Rwanda's genocides - but that event was precipitated by the Hutu killings of Tutsi's in Burundi. This book is on the short list for many book awards, the most recent being the LA Critic's Award, please consider putting it on your reading list.

Right now, I'm reading something for pleasure and not particularly edifying - its the Gaslight Mystery series by Victoria Thompson. Set in early 1900's New York City, it combines three of my favorite reading genres, historical, mystery and a bit of romance. The current book in the series I'm reading is set in Little Italy. The crux of the story centers around a conflict between the early Irish and Italian immigrants to America (precursors to African immigrants, no?). I find it very interesting how very polarized these cultures were when first arriving to America, a bit like the current debate we have with Mexicans, I believe. It always makes me laugh at how proud people are today about their Irish heritage, when 100 years ago it was a mark of shame - times change!

Speaking of Ireland, if you are thinking of visiting, (maybe tracing family connections) consider renting a car from this lovely car company, this Car Hire Ireland, who are not only super nice but allow you to make reservations before you even hit the Emerald Isle! They are located at Dublin and Cork International Airports (Car Hire Cork Airport), so you will be set to go before you even leave the airport!


Blogger secret agent woman said...

Sounds liek a good book. I know the job search can be wearying. I hear stories every day - there is so little avaiable right now.

9:42 AM  
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Blogger JoeinVegas said...

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9:40 PM  
Blogger mommanator said...

Glad you are better! was praying for ya!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Virginia Gal said...

Secret Agent - yes so little out there!

Joe - not a bad idea!

Mommanator - oh thank you, please continue to keep me in your prayers!

2:28 PM  
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