Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Its's been ages since...

Its been ages since I've been here, to my blog. I am so sorry for going awol. We have moved back to the East Coast back in August. I am working for the federal government now, State Department. I am training in Bosnian language. We are trying to get pregnant with baby #2, all of these things are making for a very hectic schedule of mine and sadly the blog has fallen by the wayside.

Here is a picture of my Boo, she loves her tea parties and her doggie in the picture. She is growing more and more adorable. She turns 2 in two months! This is going by too fast!

What actually brought me back to this blog was that I haven't heard from a dear friend of mine from Denmark, it is unusal for him to go so long without corresponding. I am worried. He is older and I always fear something awful (yes I go straight to the worse case scenario). What should I do?? I'll keep trying to reach out to him, maybe he is away on vacation.