Monday, August 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Something

Does it ever seem like what you do is never good enough? Lately, I've been feeling that way, of course it doesn't help that in my current condition (being pregnant), I get tired easily and want to sleep all the time.

I am trying but just don't seem to be getting anywhere, in neither my domestic endeavors or professionally.

Any suggestions to get both motivated and stay on the goal??

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wishes by Wydham

In keeping with my duties as a member of the Women on their Way committee I am posting this notice. Do please try to help!

Thank you,
Virginia Gal

Help Wyndham Worldwide raise funds and awareness for our Wishes by Wyndham signature charities

Now through November 30, Wyndham Worldwide will donate $1 in support of Wishes by Wyndham and our signature charities – Starlight Children's Foundation, Christel House, and the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps – for every new person that "likes" our new Wyndham Worldwide Facebook page with an opportunity to reach up to a $60,000 donation. The funds will then be divided between these three organizations which are all focused on improving children's lives.

There are two quick and simple ways that you can participate:

1. "Like" our Wyndham Worldwide Facebook page. To "like" the page and learn more about the Wishes by Wyndham charities, click here.

2. Spread the word via Facebook or Twitter! Share this opportunity with your friends and family!

To access the Facebook page, please visit

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fate Hates Me

I was in Virginia last week, for what I thought would be a mini-vacation (more on that later), just for three days actually. As soon as I landed in Washington Dulles Airport and turned on my cell phone, I found I had been called for a job interview for a part time position I really wanted out here in Arizona. They employer wanted me for an interview that day (Wednesday) or the next (Thursday) and my return ticket was not till Saturday.

I had planned this trip for two months, it was a mere three days and naturally this job interview would have to be during that mini-vacation! I tried to call back multiple times and see if it was at all possible to reschedule and no one would return my call (very professional btw!). I took this as an indication that if I did not come at the required time I would be ineligible for job consideration.

The irony of this entire situation was not lost on me, here I am stuck in this God forsaken state of rednecks and Republicans all the freaking time! And the mere two days I am gone, I get a chance to get a job that would give me some sense of self-worth. To add insult to injury the mini-vacation I was so looking forward too, back in Virginia, visiting with my family was not all that fun. I didn't get much rest, my family was not all that enthused to have me there (constant complaining about me being there, etc) and I probably should have skipped the trip altogether.

All in all, I have determined that fate has it in for me, and not in a good way!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Private Number Plates

I've been reading with avid interest this on-going story with the JetBlue flight attendant. First of all, I should preface by saying that I applied with JetBlue for this exact position and I made it through three rounds before being rejected at the fourth round (there is a fifth and final round, where you are temporarily hired but must continue to pass tests during training to get the permanent position).

Initially I saw this news piece and had to laugh out loud and think to myself, "so let me get this straight, I'm not good enough for JetBlue but this guy is? Suddenly, I'm not impressed with the JetBlue recruiting system." After getting over my bitterness that this guy could get hired and not me, I really delved into the subject - initially I was more inclined towards the customer, since I've had my fair share of surly, rude or just plain oblivious flight attendants, who treat us economy customers like jail house escapee's. Yet, the more I explore the more I side with the flight attendant. Customers really are very rude on flights nowadays, David Sedaris wrote in a New Yorker Magazine article, that we become our worse selves when flying and I have to agree. The customer in question seems to have been in such a rush that she couldn't wait for the plane to come to a full stop or had to be the first up to get to her carry-on. Some say she had breathing medical stuff in the overhead bin, why didn't she put this stuff in front of her? It would have been readily available without getting anybody involved. Why was the customer in such a bad mood that she went to screaming and cursing the flight attendant? Why didn't she behave like an adult, take her complaint to a higher authority?

I'm not justifying the JetBlue flight attendant's behavior (though you gotta be honest it was funny, grabbing a beer and jumping down the emergency slide!), but I can see where it comes from. (I have been wondering how the flight attendant made the get-a-way, he just walked into the terminal, got into the employee bus to go to the employee parking lot, calm as could be? Did he have private number plates on his car and sped away? No one noticed? Strange indeed!). Certainly I agree domestic air travel today leaves most of us frustrated, with its rat/maze like attitudes and methods towards customers, predisposing us to quick tempers.

Perhaps (and I've been saying this for some years now), we need to have a paradigm shift in thinking, air travel should be seen with the same attitude as one travels the bus or subway, just another form of mass transit and everyone, including the airlines, need to let go of the image of air travel as some glamorous entity. As this example shows, those days are gone!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Number Plates for Sale

I have this friend who lives in Athens, she is going on vacation to a smaller city/island in Greece - I imagine it will look something like the picture above. She usually sends me photos, so I eagerly anticipate any emails from her.

This particular friend and I met at the World Figure Skating Championships in 2008, when both she and I went to the event by ourselves and found that we were staying at the same bed and breakfast! If that wasn't coincidence enough, we share the same birthday! I have only met her in person that week but since then, she and I email each other weekly. We are hoping that sometime in the future we will again meet at another World Figure Skating Championships.

Speaking of figure skating, did you hear that the 2002 Canadian pair who won the gold (during that whole figure skating scandal of Salt Lake City), are divorcing?! I was shocked when I heard, they were suppose to be so in love. Sad really. Out of the three medal couples from that Olympics, only one is still together - the Chinese pair (who won gold this year in Vancouver).

It was that Olympics when it seemed the gold medal was for sale. So much now-a-days is for sale I find - jobs, the environment, congressional positions, movies, athletic trophies, justice, medicine, even number plates for sale. Now on that last one, I'm not opposed, but some of the others, well, here is wishing those items were not for purchase.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What to Say....

What to say, what to say....bombed a job interview, really wanted the job, had done the job before, could have, should have totally nailed it, feel like a total idiot and feel like I'm never going to go back to having a proper career with adequate pay.

Went to the library here in Phoenix, why are they such a military state here - librarian came over to reprimand a grown man who was reading with his feet over the seat. Really, is there nothing else to bother about? How about getting a better non-fiction selection?!

News daily depresses me more, no job recovery, no hope for the near future. Sigh.