Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Yearly Rant on Virgin Atlantic

There are a few businesses out there in the world who I just despise - generally for political reasons, but there is one big company that I can't stand because of the awful way I've been treated by them (and for those of you who read this blog regularly are familiar with this rant)...Virgin Atlantic.

The worse customer service in the entire airline industry is from Virgin Atlantic!! Let me preface, I have traveled Virgin 3 times in the past, twice as an airline employee and once as a paying customer. All three times were unpleasant. To me, how an airline treats other airline employee's reflects a lot on the culture of that airline. Virgin treated me like dirt! The flight attendants were vapid and unhelpful (constantly reminding you that they are there for your safety). I felt like I was on the Titantic, in the section where Leo Di Caprio was in (3rd class). If they could have, I would not have been surprised if the flight attendants kicked your seat as they walked by. The gate agents and customer service personal have no idea how to speak to customers (barking is not good business, neither is ignoring customers in order to flirt between each other).  I am convinced that the hiring process for Virgin is that the ruder you are the more likely you are to get hired. Virgin is also militant about their carry-on's anything bigger than a computer bag and you can forget it!

Don't believe the hype on Virgin Atlantic - all the fancy anemities they offer are now offered by every other airline. If you have to head to England you would do best to take British Airways!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where in the World is Virginia Gal??

Hello from the la-la crazy world of Virginia Gal...I can't wait for September when I'm only working one job - than I can devote more time to this blog.
I realize this blog has gotten insanely boring of late - to which I apologize. What little free time I have, I try to give to the baby, and she demands it. Good thing I think she is the most adorable person in the world.
Funny enough, just as my blog is getting oh-so-dull, my sister's is heating up. She just posted on her bucket list, interesting stuff for sure! I was pleasantly surprised to see she wants to live in another country for at least a year. I think she would enjoy that (well depending on the country).
I don't know what I would put on my bucket list, I suppose a few of the following:
  • Living in London
  • Working for either the Danish or English royal family
  • Working as a flight attendant
  • Re-learning Urdu
  • Getting to read all the books I desire
  • Increasing my alma mater's stature in the undergraduate world
  • Being a ballet company patron
  • Paying for baby's college, so she has no debt when graduating
We are now in the process of moving from Arizona back to Virginia, has anyone had to deal with movers? Oh my they are aggressive, I asked for a price quote on a website and I must have gotten 20 calls within that afternoon and they won't take "no" for an answer. Any tips on moving? Plus we have to get the cars moved, there are another set of sharks to deal with in that as well. Oy Vey!
I will be glad of one big thing in moving back to Virginia - no more weekend commuting back and forth from Arizona - this is for the birds. Either its the husband doing it or I am and its exhausting! Not only do you have to deal with the time difference but flying stand-by and with the baby, entertaining her for 2 or more hours on the flight in that tiny space, has never made me more grateful for a speedy pilot! I feel bad for the baby in having to go through this, I am so looking forward to the end of this communiting ordeal!