Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm in a quandary regarding a good friend of mine.

Here's the story:

She recently separated from her husband - they had been married for close to seven years I believe. They have two little girls together. It was a love match (not arranged, she is not of Indian descent). She had told me that she and her husband were having problems for some time now in our phone conversations from the past last year.

During the last few months she has been taking some job training. The teacher of the class and her got very friendly. He eventually told some weeks into the class, he liked her. She could see that. Suddenly when I would be talking to her on the phone, prior to the separation, she would be talking more about this guy and how great he was and in the same breath how and her husband had been having problems and it seemed like a good time for a separation.

Within the first week that she and the husband were separated, the teacher and her were dating. Talking to her, its all about how great this new guy is, how perfect he is, how he makes her happy, how she hasn't been happy in ages, how he respects her, how he likes the same things she does, how just made for her he is.

I am not comfortable with this - look I get that she and her soon to be ex were having problems, I don't discount that and they might have needed a separation, but what I have an issue with is this, frankly what I consider, grade school behavior. Her emails sound like notes I use to get when I was in high school. This man is the love of your life?! How is it that he happens along just as your marriage is falling apart? This man completes you, he is perfect?

My other friends think I am not seeing the whole picture, and maybe I am not, maybe its because I come from a very conservative social background (Indian), but this just doesn't seem right.

She and her husband separated in January and already she is talking about how she wants all of us to meet this new love of her life. And how is all of this affecting the daughters I wonder. She says that this new guy makes her happy and that her being happy is better for the girls - is that true?

To be honest I know she is going through some rough stuff and she is one of my best friends but this behavior is upsetting and angering me. I don't like it - does that make me a bad friend? I am not jumping for joy that this guy is the love of her life (truthfully I don't believe he is, I'm sure he is a nice guy but probably the reason he seems so perfect to her right now is that he is the an thesis of her ex). More importantly, I don't feel like getting emails from her chock full of how great this new man is and about all the things he does that are so special.

The dilemma is that I want to snap at her for this behavior but I hardly imagine that would be productive - what should I do?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

HR Block and Great Surprise!

Thanks for everyone's insight into the Kindle/Nook - still looking into it. I did go to Book Club last week and two out of the five members have electronic readers.

Had a great surprise this weekend, my sister and cousin came to Phoenix for a visit! They didn't tell me or anything, just knocked on the door and were standing outside. It was great! It was like God had heard how much I am missing my family and friends and sent them. It was so much fun having them here, they make me laugh and were so good with the baby, we got babysitters! Sadly since my sister has little vacation time and my cousin is on spring break, they could only stay two days. I am missing them - the apartment seems so quiet.

Husband and I went to H&R Block yesterday to get our taxes done. I can't say enough good things about the Block, they were so helpful and nice! Our taxes were a bit of a mess as I worked three different jobs last year and therefore had three w-2's (what a pain in the a*#!). Doing them on our own we calculated that we would owe Uncle Sam close to $500 but once the Block did the taxes we only owed $172. That is quite a difference!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Give and Get is Here!

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from March 17-20 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy plus we'll make a 5% donation to a non-profit."

I use this program to stock up on gifts for throughout the year!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Store Closings and Other Things

Thanks to everyone for their kind words - I am glad to hear that, "you can't spoil a baby." Because I am loving on my pookie all the time!

In other news, lots going on around the world, no? So sad about what is going on in Japan, what a tragedy. Also I am disheartened by what is going on in Libya, I wish for them Democracy, but it isn't looking good.

World Figure Skating Championships are coming up, I can't wait! I think this is the first year in a long while that an American girl will be on the podium - Alissa Cziny! Check out her 2011 US Figure Skating championships long program on youtube and you would agree.

With baby now, husband and I are quickly becoming addicts to Redbox - we can watch movies at home with pookie! And only for a dollar! This weekend alone we saw, Despicable Me (cute!), The American (I loved it but very foreign film-y), and The Other Guys (not your typical Will Ferrell, not as funny).

I have to say the one thing I am missing is being able to read - I'll be honest the bathroom is really the only time I get to myself, is it ok to bring a book in there? I do bring the paper - because I'll just throw that away but can't keep up with the book. Suddenly an E-reader is looking better, because I can hold pookie and still read the screen. Thoughts???

Monday, March 07, 2011

Kitchen Equipment

Its funny but I can keep up with everyone's blogs much easier than updating my own blog - I think that is definitely because I can check everyone else's blog while baby is in my hands but I can't type since one hand is definitely gone, holding up pookie - lol.

Today was my first full day alone with baby - for the past six weeks I've had my mother-in-law and than my mum helping out. It was so nice to have them around and I was VERY scared when they left, could I handle the baby on my own...the answer, YES! I did it! She sleeps most of the time, but she wants to be held a lot and man my right shoulder is killing me. I did put her down a few times to go to the bathroom, to eat a quick lunch and to make dinner. I was also able to empty the dishwasher of kitchen equipment (though I did have baby in my hand when I did that). It is amazing what tasks you can do one-handed.

I know I am spoiling baby, she has to be left on her own but I can't stand when she cries, it breaks my heart so when she starts to whimper I pick her right up. I feel like she and I have a connection, I love when she holds on to me so tight, like she knows I'll protect her against anything!

I will say one thing, now that I am a stay at home momma, I have re-started watching Oprah, man she is good! I just watched her visit to Yosemite National Park, with Gayle, it was hilarious. There is a reason Oprah is so rich and so admired - I admit it, I'm a follower again : )