Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Responsible Consumerism

While still in the dumps, I did want to call attention to something...

Last week my friend from South Africa was here. We went to the big mall in the area (Potomac Mills) because apparently, according to her, they love American name brand stuff over there in SA. She dragged me into Abercrombie & Fitch. I really don't like this store at all! Did you notice that almost all the models in the pictures are white - never a person of color. What's that about? You want me to spend my hard earned money there and you can't even respect me enough to put one non-white model?!

As if it couldn't get worse, I find this on the responsible shopper website:
Additionally, a 2004 Oxfam report revealed that A&F still sources clothing from factories that violate international labor standards. Workers at these factories are forced to work long hours plus overtime with little or no appropriate compensation.

I reiterate my plea for conscientious shopping. Luckily my friend bought nothing at A&F, though my sister continues to shop there (despite my tirades against the shop). I'm just not impressed with A&F, the clothes are blah and they don't even pretend to care about me, the non-white consumer.

oh also, while mentioning those companies I hate, let me reiterate again my loathing of Virgin Atlantic Airways. Let us remember, I'm an airline person and the three times I flew on them, twice as a paying customer and once as an airline employee I was treated like dirt. I don't think Virgin understands at all the concept of Customer Service. Do yourself a favor, if you are flying to London, take British Airways, they not only have a lovely in-flightcustomer service but a quality product!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lindsey Lohan and me

I've been briefly following this Lindsay Lohan drama, which is to say, if the radio DJ's were talking about it, I listened, but haven't been going out of my way to hear the, "news."

This evening I had an overwhelming, almost painful bout (wave whatever you want to call it) of depression. I can't understand it. I have been so blessed - why am I still feeling this saddness?? It makes no sense. This got me thinking about Lindsey Lohan, here is another girl who has been given so much by God, lots of money, fame, a fabulous career and yet she continues down this addict's path, clearly in some cry for help or need to get away. But why would she want to get away? She has a fabulous life, no?

What is it about her and me that makes us sad - makes us want to escape our lives, lives that are beyond just fine but actually pretty damn good - escape, for her through drugs, for me - fanciful daydreaming.

When the news first came out about Lindsey Lohan I scoffed at her stupidity but after tonight I feel almost a sisterly bond, an empathy. Though I don't know why we both share these tendencies of depression I do know they are painful (even with my "stay positive" mantra, I feel like I'm drowning in sorrow).

I can't help but feel sad for Lindsey, I have a great family/friends support network (which she doesn't seem to have at all) and at least my suffering is done alone without the whole world to see.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wild Guy!

I'll be brief, feeling a bit low lately, could it be a combination of exhaustion and medication and saddness over the end of Harry Potter? Have I been kissed by a dementor? But I perserve in my "Stay positive" mantra!

oh guys, I had to tell my blog buddies, you'll never believe it...I made an "A" in that stupid Cases in Finance Class!!! Hell literally has frozen over, clearly. But hey, who am I too question it? Swing baby!

Finally, please stop by a friend of mine's blog, the adorable and fabulous writer of local library mystery nights, Zombie Geek. He is a hoot and all-around nice guy!


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and Dealthly Hallows - part 2

No spoilers here..just finished the book. I'm sad, half because of what happened in the story (how it played out, obviously who died that stuff) but also because it is the end. No more Harry Potter, no more Hogwarts and the fun of drifting to the school and all the ensuing antics. No more seeing all the characters interacting, laughing with them, having fun. You know what it reminds me off....a little like that feeling you have after high school graduation. You know you are never going back there - its over.

Fine, fine, you can label me a freak for becoming so attached but I know I'm not the only Harry Potter fan out there who is going to be not only bittersweet at the ending of book seven but the ending of this saga.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows!!!!

I go off to Barnes and Noble tomorrow morning, 9am sharp to get a friend and mine's wristbands, so we may get our books straightaway at midnight Saturday. I am so excited and yet so nervous, what shall happen to my dear friends at Hogwarts and in the wizarding world?? Will Harry and Ginny end up happily ever after? Will all the Weasley's live till the end? Hagrid, alive or dead? Snape good or bad?? Hogwarts, closed or open after Dumbledore's demise?? How will I feel after reading this and knowing its the last one??

So many questions, however shall I sleep tonight?! I am so excited about tomorrow!!!! I so pray no loser spoils it for me, either tomorrow or at the bookstore (I know some spoilers have leaked, but I'm working feverishly to avoid all mention of such stuff).

Till Sunday I shall be ensconed with the book - au voir for a bit....off to Harry Potter land!!! - - Virginia Gal

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Secret Society

Does anyone else think that perhaps there is a secret society out there...made up of people whose sole purpose is to slow down drivers...make us follow the speed limit? (and not the police for you wisenhimers).

Has this ever happened to you - you're driving along and suddenly this slow-poke comes out from the other lane and gets in front of you. They can see you are going fast and they just drop that speed way down. Why would you do that?!! Are you either a selfish bastard, think you're a good driver and nothing is wrong with doing that (slowing everyone down) or maybe part of a secret society????

ps - environmental tip of the week - when not in use, put your computer to sleep. It saves energy and less greenhouse gases in the air.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I JUST SAW HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!!!! It was freaking awesome!!!! My sister and I sat in line for two hours, but we got in and we sat in good seats, so worth it!!

The movie races along, it's jam packed with adventure, thrills, a little romance and laughter. For an adaptation of the book, I think they did a pretty good job; yes material was changed, condensed and added, but on the whole I thought it was A-rated (particularly as the book is the longest in the series). All the kids have grown up, they look so mature, the nice thing is their acting has improved as well. I would definitely say this movie was better than Goblet of Fire. Click on the link above, its an extended trailer of the movie.

Go. See. It.

Also, now that I've seen the film, I'm all jazzed for next week - BOOK SEVEN COMES OUT!!! Now I must go re-read book 6 to be ready for the seventh. I'm in crazy Harry Potter mode.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth

Got back this evening....my sister and I attended Live Earth NYC yesterday. What to say....IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

It was a day just jampacked full of great artists and equally exciting celebrities for an important and great cause- my sister and I drove up the night before (yes that wasn't eco friendly, but since no flight benfits, what to do??). We stayed overnight next to Giants Stadium in New Jersey (shouts out to Merci, Pax, Mommantor, Zelda, POP and of course Ms. Magnolia).

The show started at 2:30 and ran all the way till 10:30pm. In that time we saw KT Tunstall, Keith Urban, AFI, Dave Matthews Band, Kayne West as well as celebrities who introduced these acts such as Kevin Bacon, Alex Baldwin, Robert Kennedy Jr., Cameron Diaz.

Highlights of the show included:

Kelly Clarkson doing music from her new album and my sister and I, the only ones in our section, standing up and singing along.

Actress Racheal Wiesz on stage. We love her.

Leo Di Caprio being there - nuff said.

The passion of Melissa Etheridge while singing, very political not only against global warming but the war, to which my sister and I cheered (again the only ones in our area to do so...more on our section later).

BON JOVI - seeing them live - freaking awesome!!! Singing along with 60,000 other fans "Living on a Prayer" in Giants Stadium, just mind-blowing, its undescribable, hands rocking, jumping, just....wow!

The close with POLICE - to see Sting on stage and the band together, wowzeers! Again the audience on its feet, "Message in a Bottle" jumping up and down, hands in the air, shouting to be heard...I just felt so happy to be alive and there... in that moment.

The only downside was the section my sister and I were sitting in...we were in like the promoter's section and all the people around us were lame; for the most part they didn't sing, they didn't dance and they certainly were not there for the message about saving our planet. While my sister and I were super enthusastic about this movement, the people around us were Jersey girls with big hoop earings and long nails, their Mofia-like boyfriends who booed at all the environmental speeches (Hel-lo its Live Earth dumb asses!) or the people around were stoned or just sat and talked the whole time. I wish the show had vetted fans so only people who are truly passionate about saving the Earth were allowed in.

My sister and I rose when Al Gore came out, this is a strong message that needs to be heard, if you haven't seen it yet, go rent "An Inconvenient Truth" and my next post will be about tips I learned from the concert on how each of us can do our part's to save this Earth.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Eight Facts About Me

So I pulled this tag from Random Kath and Adorable Tony. I'm suppose to list eight things about myself that perhaps you, my lovely cyberspace friends don't know about me (lord that will be hard.... I'm not exactly a tough shell to crack).

1. I still have a crush/love interest in the guy from England. It's been like three years, yet, I think of him often. Sad, right? I know.

2. In the car, in deep traffic, I swear like a sailor - not pleasant to be around. I'm a big mean Northern Virginia driver.

3. When sad I like to watch, "You've Got Mail," something about it is very comforting - like a warm blanket.

4. Sometimes, even when the joke is not funny, I'll laugh because I don't want the other person to feel bad that their joke wasn't funny.

5. I am addicted to watching the planes take off on the runway, I could sit there for hours and watch them, its a beautiful ballet.

6. I am not suprised by the Scooter Libby pardon..but I had guessed it would happen later in the year, say around Christmas, like a gift for guys who lie for their bosses. Better than a tie!

7. No matter what time they call, I cannot understand ever being rude to telephone solicitors or whatever you call those cold calls. Hey those are people too, they are just doing their job, if you are mad because you don't want to donate or its dinner time, write a letter to that firm, don't take it out on the poor guy or gal who's just trying to make a buck, making a living. Just say "no thank you" and get off the line, don't make a big drama or scene about it (aka yelling or "how about I call when you're having dinner" - that's lame).

8. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday!

Happy Fourth of July All!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Missing Monday

Missing Monday

Kyle Brennan
Age: 20
DOB: 4/2/1986
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 140
Missing From: Albemarle County, VA
Missing Since: 11/27/2006
Contact: ALBEMARLE COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT Detective Carl Brown 434-296-5807

Brennan left his home in Albemarle County on November 27, 2006 after cleaning out his bank account. Brennan was seen in Des Moines, IA at the FBI office and at his relative's residence in San Diego, CA. He purchased a cell phone around January 12, 2007. Records indicate that as of 2/2/07, the cell phone he purchased is in Kahului Maui near the intersection of Dairy Rd and Lehuakona St. close to Hana Hwy. Brennan has previously been under psychiatric care for depression and periods of delusion and paranoia. He is supposed to be on Lexipro medication.
Approach with caution for Brennan may be fearful of police and we are not certain how he may respond to authority figures.

This is so sad, I do hope he is ok - may some guardian angel find him and bring him home.