Sunday, January 13, 2013


I woke up this morning and wished I had this view.
For some reason, I was thinking about an this guy from my high school. We were not friends. He was just someone in my graduating class. What I distinctly remember about him was how he would get bullied so much. He was a lanky glasses wearing kid, of Chinese descent. He didn't seem to fit in. One time he was getting bullied and I felt so bad, unfortunately, being a nerd myself there was little I could do to end his torment. Later on in the school year, I remember, we were in some class together, and the bullies were busy making fun of someone else, this kid, Matthew was his name, he joined in! I was outraged! He of all people should have understood how awful it was to be bullied. At that moment I lost all sympathy for the razing he got.
Even today I can't understand people like that, for example the person who is on medicare but doesn't want others to have it, the person who cashs an unemployment check but than votes so others don't get it, or my favorite (clarence thomas) the one who uses affirmative action to get to the highest court of the land than wants to kick the ladder away.
How were these people raised? To not feel empathy for their fellow man? and if that is the way they are, why do they expect me to feel compassion for them???