Tuesday, November 28, 2006


(I feel like this post should be accompanied by the sort of sad music that comes with a Charlie Brown Christmas special).

Got back a quiz from Stat's yesterday. Didn't do so well - passed, but not with a grade I wanted. Now I have to make a perfect score on my last quiz to make an "A" average on my quiz grades. Seeing as how Stat's is impossible for me, I'm not overly hopeful.

Got back a Marketing test last week, didn't do as well as I wanted on that either - now I have to make an, "A" on the final, to get an, "A" in the class.

What the hell is wrong with me?! Why am I doing so poorly - I was an, "A" student in my undergraduate years, but I seem to be just average here in MBA land. I feel so stupid 95% of the time, like all my classmates are head and shoulders above me. Yesterday, I was only one of eight in the Stat's class who didn't get a, "B" or higher. Everyone else, the other 15, got, "A's" and, "B's".

I know in the long run my GPA matters less than those three letters on my resume - MBA, but it still hurts. I'd like to think I had a modicum of intelligence, but it certainly doesn't seem to be manifesting itself in this degree program. Maybe I do have a low I.Q.??? Is there any online I.Q tests I can take to find out?

I'm feeling depressed.

To top that off, my crush in SA is totally ignorning me - wonder if he's mad at me. And why the hell do I care?! He's not right for me anyway. Stupid emotions, need to catch up with my brain thoughts.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Though I'm not a regular in this fave foto Friday feature (see grandpappy Pax's blog for the specifics), thought today, I'd give it a whirl, here is a fave photo of mine. It was my wallpaper for a while. I love how this photo combines the grace and elegance of figure skating with the passion and romance of dance.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Virginia, dogs & ER

Virginia - all I can say is "YEAH BABY!!!" - we did it, thanks in part to the Old Dominion the Democrats are now in control of the Senate - yay!!!!! This is freaking awesome (and ps, I live like two blocks from where Allen's "victory" party at the Richmond Marriott was being held - that explains why on Tuesday night there were so many news camera's around)!!!

Dogs - Props and shout out to Molly Malone and our mutual friend Super J, I truly think I've gotten over a large part of my fear of dogs, courtesy of them. Lately I've taken to walking right (close) by them on campus and wanting to pet them - how's that for progess! Molly and Super J both have well-behaved canines and helped me to see that these animals are more friendly and want to be loved than desire to bit me. Though I don't think I'll ever be a, "dog-person" I won't go shrieking when I hear a bark, as I did before.

ER - One of my rewards after a hard week is getting to watch ER, Thursday night. I love that show!! Last night, those writers did it again, with the Morse character, giving him depth, dealing with the multi-personality patient, where we thought it couldn't be possible. Amazing and really touching, thanks ER writers!

Have a good weekend all (the song running in my head since Rumsfield's resignation and Allen's loss):
na na na na
na na na na
hey hey hey

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Virginia Elections

(Virginia Gal doing a small Snoopy happy dance), went to bed last night with Democrat Jim Webb leading incumbent and resident racist, (whom I've despised since day one because I knew even then he was a red-neck good ole' boy) George Allen by a small margin, but that is better than being on bottom, no?

Yesterday, I drove up from Richmond to Manassas (about an hour) to vote. It was wild! I swear the line was longer than even in 2004! It took everyone in my family an hour to vote - just because of the wait time (wrapped around the building). My sister even tried to go during a supposed, "down" time, at 2pm, and she still got stuck. But it was such a nice feeling to see so many people out and really taking part in the democratic process!! Also, it is really nice to finally be part of a state that has some say in the direction of this country, instead of being typically red and a rubber stamp for the conservative Republican wing.

After the bitter disappointment of 2004, it is amazing to feel like this time around my vote really counted, as the margin is so small between Webb and Allen, my vote will probably be recounted and Virginia will be in the news for a bit, making a decision on the fate of the US Congress - very exciting indeed!

On a side note - I was sad to see the marriage amendment pass (anti-gay legislation), but not overly surprised, while Northern Virginia, where I live, is a bastion of open-mindness, the same cannot be said for much of the rest of the Old Dominion. Let us not forget this is the same state that for the longest time had a very racist state song and is third in the nation for deaths due to the death penality.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Startingly Revelations

A friend from South Africa (SA) is visiting the States right now. She is my crush's best friend's girlfriend (how's that for confusing!). We are good friends. Last weekend, after my midterms we went up to NYC, her to finally see the city, me to celebrate the end of half of my first semester.

Anyway, naturally we got to talking (she has no idea that I like my crush, she thinks that I think of him as just a friend). What she reveled to me about him was eye-opening to say the least! Here I thought he was this respectable good boy, instead he is total trouble. He is very materialistic, superficial and worst of all - he sleeps around!! (big no-no in Islam). In SA, how dangerous is that?! So my brain now nows, this guy and I are not compatiable AT ALL, but someone needs to tell my dumb-ass emotions. Why do I still kinda like him? What is wrong with me?! It's amazing he and I are even friends - we are so different!

When I think about our past interactions, I feel a little embarrassed, I must have seemed like such a naive rube to him, compared to the sophisticated/fast girls he runs with. And yet at the same time, I am a bit touched that somehow I gave off an aura or air that he know he couldn't treat me like he treats those other girls. He always treated me with respect. So at least I give off an air of being respectable. That is good no?

Any tips/advice on how to get over him would be most appreciated!