Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Where have I been?

we are finally settling into Jakarta, its ok, my heart will always be in Sarajevo, the people and the country were just so kind and warm, here it is a big city with all the big city trappings. Its tough also with the Embassy because the town is so big to have any sense of community, you tend to just hang out in your neighborhood, traffic here is terrible, but we are exploring a tiny bit more, I went shopping with the baby this past Wednesday (Indonesian holiday) and had a blast at a local market, finally found a mall that is affordable (where all the locals go - Blok M!). We have made a few friends at the Embassy and where we live, people like us, with small children, so we can hang out together with ease. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015


Fall is upon America, a lovely time, though lets be honest, I was never a huge fan, spring/summer more my style. That is one thing good about Indonesia, never gets cold. But on the whole, I am still very much missing Sarajevo. Its a bit tougher to make friends and do things in Jakarta - because it is so huge and everything requires a bit more planning. Driving is impossible, so we are constantly arranging transportation. 

We have finally planned our first trip outside of the city, to Bali, for Thanksgiving weekend, so that should be fun! I'm looking forward to it.  And one thing I'm noticing is, time does fly, it seems just yesterday it was July, now October is upon us, before we know it, we will be moving. 

We did finally get our stuff (two months after arriving) so the apartment is feeling more like a home, which is nice. I've even felt comfortable enough in this city to finally join a book club! Its a work book club but in Sarajevo, with the kids being so small and hubby and I have a much more active social life,  I never joined one there. Here, the book club will be the one "Me" thing a month I get. The first meeting is this Friday, I'm super excited!