Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Good-bye to an Era

Just a quick post - returned today from Florida. My last free flight benefits have ended...I'm no longer an airline employee.

It makes me sad just to write it...people use to say to me, "oh Virginia Gal, you love to work for the airlines just because of the free flight benefits," and while I can't say having free flights is not attractive now I know it was more than that.

There is an expression in the industry for those of us who, despite its horrible ups and downs, complete lack of loyalty to employees and job security, adore being able to say, "yes I work for an airline" - people say we have jet fuel in our blood. I think they are right. I get a thrill just as I approach the airport, that smell of jet fuel so strong, walking down the jetway to the plane, I am just happy. The adrenline rush as the plane speeds up and takes off, the amazing miracle of flight. The whole ballet involved with commercial air travel fascinates me.

Over the summer I was at Dulles Airport (in DC) late one night - near midnight - it was just me and the employees and I had this overwhelming sense of calm wash over me. That is where I want to be.

This probably makes no sense, but I'm a little sad today, knowing, for now anyway, I'm no longer part of that world.

Monday, December 18, 2006


My friends you will never believe what I, not highly intelligent Virginia Gal have managed to do....(wait for it).......get an, "A" in Business Statistics!!!

Yes, you heard correctly, I (pause) I got an, "A!" Truly it is a Christmas miracle! Somehow (I think mostly due to the kind nature of my professor) I made a "B" on the final, coupled with my "A" average on quizes and working with a statistical genius on the final project to get an "A" (hey a smart businesswoman knows to surround herself with the best, if she herself can't do it). It all worked out to an, "A"!!!

To top that off - I got all, "A's" - in every other class - can you believe it?! I keep checking my transcript, afraid it will all disappear before me. Its amazing though how much it has already affected how I feel - suddenly I am much more confident. I deserve to here on campus, in the B-school, I am worthy. I suppose I shouldn't tie my self-worth to my grades, but what are you going to do? Its a bit of a vindication from all those schools and books that said how well you did on your standarized GMAT score dictated how well you did in B-school. Well if that was true, I should have done much worse. But who cares - all A's baby!!!!

I feel like I should have a speech prepared, like an Oscar winner (hee hee). This is momentous! Wow, I'm going to have to really thank God and not just lip service like all those lame-y's on the Grammys do. Thanks to everyone for their support - you all rock!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All Done!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all my peeps, for the well-wishes on my final exams. I finished the last one this evening, amazing, one semester down. Of course grades are not in, can't count my chickens before they are hatched, that Stat's exam was the 3rd level of hell, hope I passed, so I NEVER have to take that class again!!!

Gotta stay at school till next week, as a grad assistant have to be here to help the teachers, campus will be dead, rather depressing. Hopefully in all that down time, I can catch up on everyone's going's on.

In a sidenote, got sucked into a Harry Potter film weekend a couple weeks ago, now I'm all obsessed over guys with the English accent again - egads! I need help, wonder if this all stems from my lack of visits to England, God save me.

I'll keep everyone posted on the grade situation - just need to pass with B's.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Right, so I'm AWOL till next Wednesday, having all four classes grades hanging in the balance of these stupid finals - ahhhh!!!

Wish me luck, see ya'll next week!