Sunday, March 03, 2013

Argo and other thoughts

We just watched Argo last night...good film. I was surprised.  I wasn't expecting it to be so well made. Of course, it was definitely a work of fiction. It shows the initative to get the American's out of Iran as a State department brainchild but the truth is that the Canadians came up with the plot. The Carter administration didn't have any idea how to get those 6 Americans out of the country.

I will say this, after watching the film, I a bit apprehensive about working in an American embassy, thankfully, I am going to a country where they still puport to love America. Fingers crossed!

Big news on this end....I am expecting! This is also what has kept me from the blog, I have been throwing up all the time and also came down with the stomach flu! It was awful! I had to go to the hospital. Ugh!

I find it hilarious that the first year I have moved away from Phoenix, they get snow. Go figure. And over here in DC, we have gotten very little. I shouldn't really complain because next year we will be living in Bosnia and it snows a ton over there!