Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Baby is finally better – thank you for all your well wishes! That was decidedly awful. But out of it came a good thing, making me more aware of the plight of other mothers around the world. As I was dealing with baby’s illness, I realized how very fortunate we are to be living in America – with all of its modern medicine, conveniences and freedom. I thought about poor mothers in places in the world where there is little they can do to combat pneumonia in their child, be it because the medicine isn’t available or they are in some war-torn location. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for these mothers to watch their child struggle and not be able to do much to help. I know when baby got stomach cramps and started crying, no roaring in pain, I was feeling horrible. At that moment, all I wanted was some ability for me to absorb her pain (wish I could have that superpower to take baby’s pain, so she could be pain free).

I want to do more to help these mothers – did you know that in Kabul, Afghanistan over 20 children have died this winter alone, freezing to death?! That is unacceptable. I have begun donating money to charities that assist in these situations, like Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders, but what else can I do? Any suggestions?? I wish I could mail sweaters and blankets. I hate that idea that a child dies from freezing to death. Sometimes when I think about it, I bundle up the baby even more.

Its interesting that as a single person I would hear these stories of children suffering and it would bother me but now I get VERY distressed. I have had to turn off the radio or television sometimes because it is so too upsetting. I want to work to make this world a place where I never have to hear such stories!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Sick

Just when you think its safe to get back in the water....February is turning out to be a bad month for us. Baby has a raging case of pneumonia. Its awful! I've had to call in the grandmothers to come help out, because neither the husband nor I have enough sick leave. Baby is going to be out of daycare for at least two weeks.

We are both wondering, how did baby even get this?! Could it have been from daycare? Or all the traveling? And the medicines prescribed, they are even worse! The second night of her antibiotics, baby screamed for three hours out of pain from the cramps. It was awful! We went into the doctor's the first thing the next day and than they tell us, oh give her yogurt before giving the medicine to help line the stomach....gee you couldn't have told us that originally??

On top of all that, baby now also has an ear infection! Any tips, should I completely sanitize the house? Will opening windows help? I just feel like we have to get these bad germs out of here!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm Back!

Baby's first birthday cake!

So sorry, I have been completely missing from this blog for weeks – but I believe I have a decent reason (read excuse), every weekend in January baby and I were traveling and for some of those weekends, the travel included weekdays, so computer time was scare (of course for my birthday the husband got me a tablet so I can tote that around and still keep up now, yay!).

It was good traveling, baby’s birthday is in January, as is mine – we went back to DC for the birthday’s, than went to my in-laws and they celebrated baby’s birthday. She made off like a bandit! The kid has more clothes now than Paris Hilton!

Many issues to talk about, I don’t even know where to start:

  • Komen Race for the Cure, major fall-out, I don’t know if I will continue to support them – I am very torn. Are there other breast cancer charities out there?
  • Republican primary is a hoot! I just wish they would bring back Herman Cain, he made it even funnier! These people want us to take them seriously as candidates?!
  • What is happening in Syria is a tragedy and I feel so helpless to not be able to stop it.
  • Superbowl was a nail bitter, my sister is a huge Giants fan so I’m glad her team won (baby was decked out in a Giants jersey for the occasion).

I promise to be better in February about blogging, won’t be traveling nearly as much which translates to keeping up with my social networks.