Thursday, December 29, 2011


I hope everyone is having wonderful holidays! We head to Virginia for the New Year’s, for baby it means ringing in 2012 with her grandparents.

Of late, a general malaise has come over me. No explanation for it. I am more than grateful to God for all that I have; there is no cause for being depressed. Though as a sufferer of depression, I know that often depression can come on with no explanation. I do really need to find a therapist here in Phoenix, just someone to talk too periodically, just for check-up’s. Using my company’s EAP, I do have a few names, must get on the ball about setting up an appointment.

In other matters, does this ever happen to you…someone asks for a favor and than you end up having to do all the work??! At the office, a co-worker asked for one of my flight passes (we get 16 a year, reduced rates flight passes, standby travel). She and I are not the best of friends, but I thought, ‘ok, fine’ I’ll give her one. I end up having to spend half an hour (of a very busy day) setting up the flight information. She was not at all inconvenienced, while I had to break my work day to do this for her. In return, I get a note from her the following morning saying how I had not done it correctly. I was suppose to give the person a roundtrip pass, which is 2 passes, she asked for 1 and after everything that had occurred previously, I was not in a favorable mood to assist.

I am unclear when we became such an entitlement society. This was a favor but it didn’t seem to me that she recognized that status, instead it felt more like a mandate. Going into the future I don’t think I will be as free with the passes. The whole experience just sours one on helping out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Say no to bigotry! Boycott Lowes!

All-American Muslim is a new reality show on TLC that follows American Muslim families as they go about their daily lives in Dearborn, Michigan. One critic described it as "a heartfelt story of immigration and assimilation that is as American as apple pie." My husband and I really enjoy watching the show, it is more reality than anything about Islam.

But some on the religious right are upset that the show doesn't portray Muslims as anti-American extremists, so they're threatening to boycott its advertisers. How hilarious is that?! The Muslims on the show are not terrorists and these bigots are mad about it! Even worse, hardware chain Lowe's has caved in, pulled its ads, and released a cowardly statement saying they want to avoid a "hotly contested debate."

During the last few years we’ve seen anti-Muslim bigotry rise to new levels as professional fear mongers have exploited public ignorance about Islam to create a climate of fear and suspicion.

These anti-Muslim extremists have created a series of baseless controversies (the “Ground Zero mosque,” “creeping Sharia” law overtaking the Constitution, etc.) to get airtime for their radical conspiracy theories that Muslim-Americans are part of a secret global plot to destroy our country.

Having been rewarded with funding, media coverage and political influence by mainstream conservatives, they’re now lashing out at anyone who debunks their ridiculous, hateful views.

That's why it's so important for us to show that the overwhelming majority of religious people are opposed to this anti-Islamic bigotry. Please join me in voicing your displeasure to Lowes (write them a letter or go to their facebook page) and by not patronizing the store.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A happy holiday story

(Denmark - second happiest country in the world!)

It has gotten suddenly cold in Arizona (by desert standards) in the low 40’s in the evening and just 60’s during the day. This temperature change caused my tires to deflate and cause the emergency tire pressure light to pop on. According to the Owner’s Manual, a person shouldn’t drive with this emergency light on – the tires should be re-filled. As I have a fairly long commute, this alert signal was causing me no small worry.

I told the husband who took a look and said there was nothing wrong. That when he drove the car, the light didn’t even come on. I thought that was the end of it. The next morning, I start the car up to head out to work and guess who joins me…my lovely friend the tire pressure emergency light. Now what was going on? I decided, no matter the cost, I would have to take the car to the dealership – I use the car so much, it can’t be incapacitated.

That evening, after picking up baby, I drove straight to the local dealership. I hadn’t made an appointment and figured they would just schedule me for a service for the next day. I also didn’t relish the idea of dropping anywhere from $100-$1000 for this situation. We all know what happens when you go to the Service department at a car dealership (cue the cash register music). I drove right up to the service station and got out. Standing there was a service manager and a mechanic. I explained the circumstances. I was waiting for them to say, “we will have to take a look” and scheduling me for an appointment. Instead, to my utter surprise, the mechanic very kingly said, “oh your tires just need topping off. I can do that right now.”

‘Wow – what?!’ I thought. A simple solution?! And the dealership willing to do it, at no cost?! I couldn’t believe it!

10 minutes later I had the car and the tire pressure light was gone (and hasn’t appeared since). This was so nice of them, I was touched. Nowadays, I feel like there is less kindness, everyone is out for a buck. But Midway Nissan was beyond helpful to this overworked mom. I can’t say how immensely joyful I was by this gesture by the kindly mechanic (the next day I dropped him off some cookies).

It is these acts of charity that restores one’s hope in humanity.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Gift Question for the holidays

Should I ask my brother-in-law if I can give a gift to my niece? Is that typically done? The gift in question is a book, The Secret Garden.

He is VERY religious and I'm not sure if he would allow the book and/or the gift.

Reading The Night Circus for book club, everyone is raving about it, but I'm finding it a tough slog....this is like that Dan Brown book all over again.