Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kelly Clarkson CD Review

Kelly Clarkson's latest CD came out this past Tuesday. My sister and I got it straightaway. We (my sister and I) don't usually share similar musically tastes, but for Kelly we make the exception. We BOTH really love her!

I know the music critics have panned the CD, but I REALLY like it. There are a lot of girl angtsy songs, but here's my thing - there are a lot of angtsy girls out there, me included. We have been burned by romance, love, there is still a bitter taste there (be it ever so lingering) and Kelly's songs just hit these nerves. She has great Girl Power anthems, without being so pop-y. Her music is more like a mix of genres, rock, accoustic soul, pop, jazz. I'm currently enamoured with the songs "Never Again" "Sober" and "One Minute" I also like "Haunted" about a love lost. From Virginia Gal, I highly recommend this CD.

Traffic Complaint - For God's sake, on Wednesday when I was driving to the airport to catch my Boston flight, some moron got into an accident, closing (wait for it), ALL four lanes of 95 northbound. That's right - ALL FOUR LANES! I really think there should be some fines inacted if you are found to be the cause of an accident at rush hour. This person nearly made me miss my flight! People who cause accidents at rush hour (at an already critical time) should be punished for inconveniencing all the rest of us! The money could be used for the greater good of society, maybe increase police pay?? And hopefully these heavy fines will make people drive with their brains on, instead of the current off situation - hence causing all these problems!

Sidenote - guess who was on my plane again on Monday - from Boston to DC - John Kerry! I swear I must muster up some courage and speak with him!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday This and That

First huzzah's to Maidink and family - their newest addition, baby JT arrived, June 20th??, 2007. Check it out at

I've resigned myself to a B in this Cases in Finance Class - oh well, whatever, I'm flying around the country this summer and for me, that's the shizzle!

I'm on this Muslim internet "dating" site and the weirdest thing, so I accepted these three guys who asked to correspond with me. For one of the guys, I emailed him two or three times and I guess he didn't like my responses because he just unchecked me on the site. But so did the other two guys...I'm a bit peeved - I guess its my vanity but what was in my response or profile that so turned them off, to the extent that they went back on the site and unchecked me? Is this a power thing or do I have a repulsive personality? Aye, why do I care..back to my positivity mantra, I'm not letting the hater's bring me down!

Finally, fabulous article on Dick Cheney in the Washington Post today its one of a four part series- truly scary the potrait that emerges, a man so powerful, so ruthless, cunning, he doesn't forgive or forget but bids his time for revenge and getting his way...reminds me of some of the descriptions you read of dictators, so single minded in their pursuits and absolute in their knowledge that they are right above all else (God is fairly absent in their everyday lives so that their is no entity higher than the person).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 Pro-life Friend

On today, World Refuge day, I thought it appropriate to blog about a friend of mine.

Car and I have been friends for ages, since childhood. During our high school years she coverted from one religion to another and since than has become, well lets just say very devout. Despite our very polar and political differences we have remained friends. I like to think its because we agree to disagree (and she prays for my soul, which doesn't bother me, hey I could use all the prayers I can get).

Anywho, the cruz of the problem is that recently she has begun sending me these pro-life propoganda emails. They are forwards, so its obvious she is just checking me with everyone else in her address book. I suppose what bothers me is not that she is trying to "convert" me to her way of thinking on this issue (I was pro-choice in high school and have only gotten more passionate in that direction as I've gotten older); what bothers me is that she expends so much time on this non-issue. She's a "religious" person and I know she means well, but I wish she would spend her time fighting for the here and now.

You know what I would respond and appreciate more is a "Save Darfur" email - you know how much more good would come if she and people like her worked for this issue rather than something so abstract (meaning that abortion is not going to be solved nor is there an immediacy to the situation like Darfur).

So on this World Refuge Day, with 40 million people worldwide uprooted because of violence or perscution, I hope Car and people like her stop and think "maybe there is a better way to advocate life than sending silly emails, maybe I should fight for the already living."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The story of how I met Aldy

Inspired by Random Kath's moving tale of her grandfather and hopefully giving Maidink something to read while she waits for JT; here is my story on how I met Aldy, a friend who worked in the Congo and now lives in Urguagy.

It was the winter of 2005 (how's that for a cliched start?). I was on my London boy kick (read obsession), flying back and forth every weekend to see my infatuation. I arrived at Dulles Airport at about 5pm, to find the British Airways 6pm flight pretty booked - the ticket agent said she would roll me over to the 9:30pm flight's stand-by list. Taking stock of the situation, I realized there was a good possibility that I would not make the 9:30 flight, so I hightailed it over to United.

There was a line at the United International departures counter, but having some time to wait, I was not pressed. Standing in line, observing the slowness of the ticket agents either I or the lady in front of me made a comment. This got both of us talking and with such a general conversation, we included the woman behind me - Aldy. Feeling like a big shot I asked both women where they were flying too: the woman in front to Argentina to go skiing, Aldy to Philadelphia, coming home from the Congo! Properly put in my place....I was amazed at Aldy's admission! She was the first person I had ever met who had been to the Congo - fascinating! (come on lets be honest its not a part of the world that is frequented by many).

It seems Aldy had majored in French in college and went to work for a French aid organization in Kinshasa after graduation. I had a million questions for her (particularly as my television show "ER" had just featured the situation in the Congo).

Aldy was very kind - answering all my questions, "what's it like in the Congo?" "Are the portrayals on tv of the situation accurate?" "how dangerous is it?" "Any hope for the future?" "How bad did the Belgium's mess it up?" "Which aid agencies actually help and which are not helpful?"

She than gave me her business card - said to email her. I bet she thought she would never hear from me again. But instead after my jount to London (I made the BA 9:30pm flight btw, the last person on the stand-by list to get a seat, a number of people behind me were turned away), I emailed her. And from there we began a correspondence.

I've followed her adventures in the Congo, even sending her a People magazine (thought with all the sadness in the Congo she could use some fluffy reading) to her brief stay in the States before moving to Urguagy. She leads such a fascinating life and is so kind to constantly keep in touch and to fufill my curiosity of living in these places. One day she is going to write a book and I'm going to be at her first reading, I can't wait...till than I'm satisfied with being able to call her friend.

sidenote - guess who was on my Boston to DC flight on Monday...John Kerry!!! I didn't say anything, though I was dying too.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Absolutely Smashingly Fabulous Good News!!!

My dear friends, I came home Tuesday night, disgusted with a difficult Cases in Finance Class, nearly accused of cheating by a fellow classmate (hilarious when you consider how poorly I'm doing in that class), just a bit down on myself. Walked through the front door to the table where my sister had sorted my mail (thank you pokecharm). A letter from the VCU School of Business was there.

"Great" I thought, "another bill or some notice telling me I've missed a class or that I'm going to have to jump through some extra hoop to get the diploma." Came upstairs and causually opened the letter....guess what - YOUR'S TRULY HAS WON A HUGE SCHOLARSHIP!!! It will cover my entire 2nd year of MBA school tuition and fee's, as well as some award money!!! I was and am over the moon!!!

I applied for this scholarship in March and having not heard back from them by now, figured I had not gotten it. The lesson I've learned here is that all my stressing over school and working so hard to do well paid off. I may not be genetically "smart" but what I lack in I.Q. I'd like to think I make up with shear sweat. For everyone who believed in me, from those early days on, thank you - I couldn't have stuck with it, without everyone's support. this money is going to go to help me do my study abroad next spring - which is fabulous because otherwise I was going to have to take out a huge loan.



Sidenote - guess who was on my plane coming back from NYC - Hilary Clinton. Wild, no? This morning I rode down to Charlotte with John Ashcroft (who smiled at me) and than to my surprise as I waited for a seat assignment for the 3:45pm flight back from CLT to DC, who was there as well....Mr. Ashcroft! Imagine my surprise...if I didn't know any better I'd say he was following me LOL.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Waitress is the little movie you're not seeing and should be!

Taking a break from income sheets and balance statements, I went with the divine Molly M. and fabulous Darla D. to see this gem of a movie tonight. It was lovely (both the movie and my time with Molly and Darla).

The film (one of Sundance's breakout hits, see story of Little Miss. Sunshine), follows the story of Jenna (Keri Russell), stuck in an abusive marriage, working at this cute diner making awesome pies. The adorable Nathan Fillion (my current crush) plays her doctor, her OBGYN. He is very funny and endearing in the film (but I still liked what Jenna did with him in the end, very woohoo! moment).

I knew the film's plot going into the movie and I wasn't sure I would like it having primarily gone to see it for Mr. Fillion; but the late (and amazingly talented, watch the film and see) Adrienne Shelly and who wrote and directed this picture, really brought this sweet story to life. I enjoyed the messages in it, very sort of girl power without being obvious and the idea of happiness being relative. I left the theater just feeling good, peaceful....not many movies affect people this way anymore.

This is becoming the little movie that could, growing larger and larger and showing in more and more theaters. Molly told me it was number 5 at the box office last week!

So as all the critics have been doing, I HIGHLY recommend, if you are going out to the movies to pick this flick.